Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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When ads truly speaks to you

Advertiser: eBay Malaysia Services Sdn Bhd
Brand: eBay Malaysia
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The Challenges
Sellers growth for eBay have been slow, due to the rise of other e-commerce platforms over the years. eBay was losing out to the competition. We needed to recruit more sellers for eBay, with only 2% of the competitors’ budget.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
56% of our audience intent STARTS on search engines first before any other media touchpoints because the options for online shopping is vast. However, we found that audience are not responsive to generic ads.It had no relevance to them. To get people into eBay, we had to seize them at the right time while they are looking for e-commerce partners through the deployment of performance framework of Attack, Hijack, & Repeat in responding to the sellers’ journey. The idea? Speak the language of each prospective sellers and customize our approaches to each prospective seller through ”Intent-driven targeting’

Media Execution
We started by mapping out the variety of motivations prospective sellers. Then generated 400 customized messages and targeting for each sellers’ intentions! [1.Attack] When they start searching about benefits of selling online. We captured them with customized messages highlighting eBay’s USPs in relation to their niche-search keywords. [2.Hijack] When they’re considering their e-commerce partners. We hijacked their search on competitors and present them with eBay’s USPs countering against the competitors’ weak points instead. [3.Repeat] When they missed us. With the collection of specific audience pool based on their niche-keywords search, we activated our database to remarket to each audience with customized messaging across various platforms including search, online videos & social media to strengthen their trust towards eBay.

Results and Effectiveness
KPI was for 40% YoY growth of new sellers by year end. We exceeded KPI by overdelivering a very healthy 71% YoY growth! Through hyper-targeted content, clickthrough-rate was 5X more than previous campaign. CPA was -66% more cost-effective than planned.