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KL2017 Mission Control Room

Advertiser: Sportswork Group Sdn Bhd
Brand: KL2017 SEA Games
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The Challenges
LIVE sporting events are at risk of the unknown; thus, being agile is the only way to be prepared. Smart data monitoring and real-time analysis becomes critical to ensure we manage SEA-Games KL2017 positively.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Tapped into 8 separate data sources across paid, owned, earned and contextual media – which formed a larger picture within the KL2017 Mission-Control-Room, housed within the International-Broadcasting-And-Media-Press-Centre. Mission-control-room played dual advisory: • Communication management • Real-time reputation management for SEA-Games’ organizing committee; Creative, Social, Event agencies; PR and journalist management agencies.

Media Execution
Real-time adaptive decision making was made possible by monitoring live results, social conversations, sentiments and media campaign performances: • Merging Google-Analytics and Media Campaign Dashboards gave transparency on consumer journey and purchase patterns; from push media to ticket purchase • Google Trends and Hot Search plugged into our social listening platform, allowed us to predict the next hot topic • The Sports Minister’s social feeds was monitored and post reposted/retweeted at least 100 times will be automatically flagged Mission-Control-Room enabled key stakeholders to react promptly given holistic views of all on-ground, on-air, digital and sales.

Results and Effectiveness
Mission-Control-Room delivered in 5 critical areas: Managing negative sentiments: E.g. Mishandling of the Indonesian flag, negative conversations surged with #ShameOnYouMalaysia trending. From detection to issuance of PR holding statement took only 2 hours. In <24 hours negative sentiments declined by 61%. Fueling positive sentiments: E.g. Upon winning 111 Gold medals, we created #CiptaSejarahBersama, fueling positive conversations by 291%. Messaging: E.g. Responding to fans confusion why plants were gifted to the winners, infographics were published to educate on the Games’ Green Initiative. Media selection: E.g. Identified Sports Minister’s Twitter as the most highly followed/retweeted; thus worked with PR team to leverage his social media to share important announcements and interact with fans. Media Campaign Performance: E.g. reallocated media budgets pushing for non-selling sports, resulted in 90% occupancy.