Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

More Than 200 Videos Created

Advertiser: Mondelez Malaysia
Brand: Cadbury Dairy Milk
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The Challenges
Mondelez launched a new look and feel of their Cadbury Thematic TVC copy where it involves the Martians. To stay resonance and build the top of mind awareness of Martians character. Media was tasked to achieve KPI of 80% (9.9mil) Multimedia Reach exposure for target audience of 20-44 across mediums. Digital KPI was to reach 55% Reach across digital platform.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
YouTube, data rich partner gives us the opportunity to achieve personalization at scale. Vogon is a unique technology by YouTube helped in creating more than 200 personalised messages with a single video. The messaging strategy was developed based on trending keywords, including current events, songs, affairs that were creating headlines in YouTube. Based on contextual and behavioral inputs of user, Vogon will automatically matches the two strings together and serve the video. This technology also allows us to run dynamic video advertising with customized messaging.

Media Execution
This is a data driven execution where keyword based reports were used to measure the impact of various search terms/ performance which lead to campaign optimization to make sound decision and yield better results. This also changes the way Ads were previously purchased on YouTube. We matched the searches with the customized message. Example, user searching for ‘Despacito’ a base rendition of the creative message served: Putting that smooth Despacito on repeat? Enjoy it with Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Results and Effectiveness
This technology also helps in producing creatives in a very short time, saving time and production cost. Campaign achieved: – 5.3 Million unique users. – 46.3% in Ad Recall – 33.6% lift in Brand Interest – 10% lower CPM cost compared to previous campaigns – 14% spike in the Sales Multimedia reach KPI was over-achieved at 84% Versus planned 80% according to agency’s proprietary tool. Digital (Facebook + YouTube) achieved a reach of 60%