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Advertiser: Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd
Brand: Digi Roaming Pass
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The Challenges
The current awareness of Digi’s Roaming Pass is low as most travelers perceive that roaming while travelling can be expensive. They would rather switch to a local SIM or not even bothered to use their roaming mobile data. Therefore, Digi wanted to increase awareness of their 3-day RM25 4GB + 60mins Roaming Pass amongst their existing mobile subscribers.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
With the holiday season just around the corner, Digi needed to promote their most affordable RM25 Roaming Passes in the market, amongst its subscribers to let people know that they can continue to roam freely to stay connected with the family and friends throughout the entire trip without worrying of expensive and shocking bills. Digi needed to come up with a communication messaging that resonates well with our target for their upcoming holiday destination that is able to cut through all the noises while ensuring that people remember Digi’s Roaming Pass.

Media Execution
In lieu of the short turnaround time to get the communication message out we had to turn to intellectual video technology properties to assist. • “Intelligent Machine” deployed to first listen to and identify the most popular location, events and activities within the identified markets • “Culture Machine” used for its technology and capability to identify the most ideal footages and stitch all of it into a video Once the first video format was approved, the remaining 4 videos were created and approved to go live within 36hrs. All 5 videos were then promoted on Facebook targeted at Digi subscribers who are going overseas soon.

Results and Effectiveness
Ad recall of the videos on FB was, 14.64% which was 2.12x higher than the average Telco Global benchmark on 6.9%. Budget used was 67% lower than of another video campaign ran which had similar ad recall rate.