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Goodbye goodbuy

Advertiser: Sdn Bhd
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The Challenges
For 9 years Mudah had been the largest online marketplace in Malaysia. With the influx of hordes of shiny, social features enabled look-alikes (such as Carousell, Shopee etc) ,Mudah started losing the Millennial segment and retained only the mature males. To restore leadership, we had to win back the love of the millennials.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
• Millennials engaged 3X more with listings of smaller personal items such as electronics & hobbies than our trump cards of cars. Why? • They are far from transactional when it comes to personal items. When they purchase a personal item they build an intimate relationship with it, precisely why they hold stories of their good buys close to their heart. They get so attached to these good buys over time that when the sentimental moment of parting is near, they hope that their good buy will be safe and warm in someone else’s ownership. We set out to comfort and assure Millennials that we would stand by them in their difficult and emotional journey of bidding goodbye to their goodbuys on Mudah. Introducing Goodbye Goodbuy.

Media Execution
Sparking conversations on good buys : We crafted a video of an emotional break-up story of a robot toy and a teenage boy. Using 8 influencers, we seeded it online prior to Raya when buying & selling are at its peak, igniting chatter. Bidding Goodbyes : Video viewers were directed to a microsite to write break-up letters to their good buys.They could choose from 50 templates, which would be turned into actual seller listings on Mudah. We further prompted audiences to explore the listings through display ads.

Results and Effectiveness
With 600K breakup letters, the campaign drove a 70% surge in seller listings,exceeding the listings target by 6 times! Brand buzz shot up by 85% and our affinity scores amongst Millennials improved by 55%.