Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Bringing China to the Living Room

Advertiser: AirAsia Bhd
Brand: AirAsia
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Darren Yuen (Group Account Director), Maggie Chong Cheah (Media Director), Wong May May (Senior Media Planner), Dorren Teh (Media Planner), Elaine Tan (Media Buyer)

TV - Bringing China to the Living Room

AirAsia has the largest connectivity of cities in China. They wanted to boost load of the Malaysian Chinese audience. In a cost efficient manner, they needed educate them about their motherland and invoke a sense of adventure for them to either vacation there or plan a heritage journey back “home”.

We know that every Chinese person in Malaysia has some burning desire to know where their heritage comes from, but few know what to expect from the various cities & provinces in China. We identified the most cost efficient media through the use of TV, and aired a customized documentary through this media channel. TV was also the media channel that provided great audio & visual combinations that allowed great immersion to the target audience.

Identifying the best channel and time slot by understanding the target audience viewing habits, we collaborated with 8TV to air an 8-episode documentary series that covered all destinations in China covered by AirAsia. This program was aired in the Chinese language to drive greater affinity with the Chinese target audience, garnering an average of 9 rating points throughout the series.

More Malaysians flew to China after this execution, with an average increase of 12% in load factor, and 16% in revenue for all China destinations over the same period. From an internal survey, overall awareness of other destination such as Chengdu (+32%) and Shenzhen (+26%) saw a remarkable increase.