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Converting Data Into Actionable Strategies

Advertiser: Astro GS Shop Sdn Bhd
Brand: Astro GO Shop
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The Challenges
Astro-Go-Shops’ e-commerce revenue remained stagnant over several months despite increasing investments and testing different channels. In a such a scenario the client tasked us to not only achieve the monthly target of MYR 7.5 million but also drive 10% incremental sales Month-on-Month.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Upon evaluating Google Analytics data, we discovered three key insights, the agency designed campaign corresponding to each insight. (1) Stagnant monthly revenue despite increase in site traffic indicated that reach for core audience had hit a ceiling-point. We needed to broaden the audience base. (2) Low conversions because communication was thematic in nature, meant lesser focus on bottom funnel. Solution was a concentrated product/incentive push. (3) Higher spends resulting in lower revenue in certain months (and vice-versa) indicated lack of media budget optimization in channel allocation and needed to refined further.

Media Execution
We deployed a three pronged campaign to action our learning. Each of the insights led to an improved audience, communication, and media strategy respectively. (1) PROSPECTING: We searched for new segments that shared similar values or behaviours as the core audience to expand Go Shop’s customer base and increase chances of conversions. we deployed budgets to drive prospecting to increase consumer base. (2) RETARGETING: Once we identified new users or their product preference and considerations, Products and promotions were strategically pushed to consumers using custom audience channels and selective targeting filters and remarketed again to drive higher conversion. (3) OPTIMIZATION: Constant monitoring of the media mix and increasing/decreasing budgets in individual channel/platforms allowed us to find the most optimal media investment, resulting in reduced wastage of exposure and savings.

Results and Effectiveness
The agency successfully delivered on the business KPIs by recruiting 19,389 new consumers. Monthly revenues increased to MYR8.2 & 9.3 million in November & December, surpassing MYR7.5million monthly target. Strategic budget allocation helped increase ROI by 33%.