Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Don’t buy a brand, buy a story

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The Challenges
Sellers growth for eBay have been slow. With the continued growth of other e-commerce giants, eBay’s new features helping merchants to sell more go unnoticed and hence Sellers think it’s harder to sell on eBay than on other platforms. We needed to change that. Fast.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The Sellers market just doesn’t have the patience for tutorial videos. Its either too long, or they don’t quite have a clear grasp of the language to be able to sit through the tutorials. We needed to get them to unlearn and relearn in the shortest time possiible. Our strategy is simple: Give sellers a QUICK WIN with our educational content. Not just through communications but also through the medium of our campaign. Everything has to be quick and easy. The idea was to REINVENT TUTORIAL VIDEOS into a snappy, entertainment platform with all tutorials being less than a minute!

Media Execution
We produced a series of pocket content on achieving the sellers’ dreams within 4-steps. Within these 4-steps, we demonstrated snapshots of eBay’s tools and website features helping the sellers get richer! We showed them the dream from: [1] 4-steps to getting rich quick [2] 4-steps to becoming your own boss [3] 4-steps to be a baller These tutorial videos were released on social media & online video sites, where sellers were searching for tutorial videos. We went further and expanded our content into bite-sized social images, We built our social pages into a seller education community, cranking out content every week on trending items to sell, business tips from real-life successful Malaysian eBay sellers, and even more snapshots of the website’s feature for sellers!

Results and Effectiveness
KPI was for +40% YoY growth of new sellers. We overdelivered with +71% YoY growth instead! We reached out to 7.5Million sellers. View-through rate of our videos went up to 38% (industry benchmark 17%). Generated 21,941 seller traffic to the website.