Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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No Storyboard Required: Candid Moments Make The Story

Advertiser: Shell
Brand: Shell Select
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The Challenges
Despite revamping Shell Select’s facilities and offerings in 2016/17, only 20% of Shell’s forecourt customers entered our convenience store. We needed to convince the remaining 80% to walk-in and experience our various offerings.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Customers walked into Shell Select to eat, drink, rest, and have their cars checked, but through social listening data, we discovered that they talked at greater lengths about happy moments within their trips with friends and family, not just about transactions done in-store. So we captured those moments in their unfiltered glory, by sifting through CCTV footage from over 600 stores, and installed more cameras to find, document and reflect their full range of positive reactions and emotions, as authentic Reasons To Believe that Shell Select marks the start of a “Refreshing Journey” for motorists.

Media Execution
Using the CCTV footages gathered (instead of staging production shoots), we then stitched together a music video featuring real moments that took place at Shell Select. We then collaborated with Talitha Tan, an up-coming singer songwriter to reimagine and compose a Shell Select-inspired song to the tune of ‘Rasa Sayang’, a universally accepted tune among Malaysians as one people, as the video’s theme song. Lyrics were re-written to reflect Shell’s welcoming store values and to punctuate the happy moments captured. Our “Little Moments – inspired by Shell Customers” video was then launched as part of the Refreshing Journey campaign to give customers a REAL reason to believe in Shell Select.

Results and Effectiveness
OUR VIDEO BECAME ONE OF THE MOST-WATCHED MALAYSIAN VIDEOS FOR SHELL: 25MIL TOTAL VIEWS. Facebook: 18Mil views; 28.34% VTR (Target: 20%) YouTube: 1.8Mil views; 27.1% VTR (Target: 20%) Positively impacting business: Sales: +134% vs target Footfall: +200% (60% of Shell customers now enter Shell Select) Brand Health: 66% (+3%) for offering quality hot beverages and 64% (+1%) for offering quality food