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MMMM… AHHH…Coca-Cola is best paired with home-cooked food

Advertiser: Coca-Cola Far East Limited
Brand: Coca-Cola
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The Challenges
Coca-Cola was losing out on the biggest consumption moment: meal times at home. To earn a seat at the family table, we needed more people to realize just how well Coke goes with home-cooked food.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Moms are more concerned with center-table food ideas for mealtimes. Beverages took the backseat. To bring Coke forward, we needed to tap center-table thought leaders among moms: local celebrity ‘chefs’. Enter: Dapur Bonda (Mom’s Kitchen) – A mum local community outreach program to introduce Coke as THE beverage to have during mealtimes, leveraging on the credibility of famous celebrity chefs.

Media Execution
A Press Conference launched Dapur Bonda, featured in top TV News and Women TalkShows: Buletin Utama, BeritaTV9, Nona, and top print: Harian Metro, Berita Harian, Mingguan Wanita. Dapur Bonda branded content was created within Nona TV talkshow (among highest rating among Moms) and KoolFM, featuring 5 male celebrities, visiting their homes, discovering their mom’s favorite dishes, showing how each mom sacrifices for her family, and in turn, rewarding her with a meal experience with Coke as beverage, with her favourite dish done at home tag-teamed by a celebrity chef and her son. Each episode ends with a call-to-action for audiences to nominate who in their local community needs to be similarly rewarded by Coke. Winners’ experiences were broadcasted live on radio and social postings with TV post coverage, all used to inspire succeeding calls for entry. Print featured recipes from Dapur Bonda for moms at home to follow.

Results and Effectiveness
1. Product sampling, 400% vs target.
2. Achieved RM 2.3mil media value from the all the media coverage (TV, Print, Celebrities’ Social Posting, Online News)
3. Tremendous awareness growth vs previous period: Spont Ad: +8, Spont Brand: +9, Total Brand: +5
4. ‘Goes Well with Food’: +6 vs PP
5. ‘Great Tasting’:+4 vs PP 6) Coke sales volume increased +13% vs PP