Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

Surprising Malaysians with Purple Crisps and increasing sales by RM11mil

Advertiser: Mamee Double Decker
Brand: Mister Potato
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The Challenges
In 2017 MisterPotato launched a surprising new range of crisps, SweetPotato Crisps with an unexpected ‘PURPLE’ Color was the latest entrant in an extremely competitive snacking category. Our challenge lay in being heard over the category clutter while driving awareness & buzz for PURPLE snacking sensation.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
MisterPotato’s SweetPotato crisps tasted unlike anything consumers had experienced before, it’s sweet, tantalizing & surprising taste is comparable to the unexpectedness of Ninja placing a chip in consumer’s mouth. Such was the unique taste that consumers often stopped to savor and enjoy by going “UuuuuiUngulicious!” Media Agency needed to surprise and shock consumers where least expected and injecting their everyday with ‘UuuuuuUngilicious’ surprise. Our media selection was based on everyday touchpoints consumed by our TG. We deployed a 3 fold campaign strategy to surprise consumers with the new SweetPotato Crisps: Excite, Engage & Enroll.

Media Execution
In the Excite Phase: To build buzz & drive awareness for the new SweetPotato crisps we had to be both creative & strategic. We replicated the EXACT BULETINUTAMA’s news room and also got a familiar ex-Newscaster on this. To ensure the hijack was a success, we even bought the first break in BulletinUtama for a seamless viewing experience. As the Newscaster began reporting the prank news, viewers assumed it was the actual news, it was the perfect set up for a stealth Ninja surprise, when suddenly a pair of ninja hands flew accross the screen delivering the delectable crisps in the Newscaster’s mouth,as he exclaimed in relishing the unique taste. We even mimicked the radio news and halfway through the broadcast listeners heard the crackling sounds of SweetPotato crisps and the DJ going “uuuuunglicious’ we repeated the prank during morning & evening primetime on Hot & FlyFM In Phase 2 to ENGAGE consumers we partnered with EraFM to spoof our brand video. A brand willing to laugh at itself, aroused audience’ curiosity and drove participation. We invited consumers to share their own funny take on SweetPotato Crisps with #CABARANUNGULICIOUS. The tasty surprise of SweetPotato Crisps fed users desire and we leveraged EraFMs’ Social Media page along with their DJs to enhance engagement. Our content was timed to engage listeners during the peak traffic hours. In the final Phase of ENROLL, we deployed 5 cars for 5 days in the Heart of KL during peak traffic hours 4-8pm. The city center invariably witnesses standstill traffic every evening, at this moment we got out of car and shocked drivers & pedestrians by distributing canisters of SweetPotato crisps. The surprise increased manifold, as traffic struck, irritated consumers bit into the crisps and enjoyed the unique SweetPotato’s delightful taste.

Results and Effectiveness
With a stunning reach of 5.2Million Viewers over 3 days on TV. 5.7 million radio listeners with an unbelievable online buzz generated from the UGC campaign & over 50000 people driver and by standers reached on ground. SweetPotato contributed 10.4% to MisterPotato’s business translating to 11 Million in value. SweetPotato variant surpassed Jack & Jill during the launch month, leaving consumers with a sweet surprise!