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#EmoojiKu: A journey of self-discovery and brand experience for tweens and their mothers through Emojis & Music

Advertiser: Dutch Lady
Brand: Dutch Lady
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenges
The Flavoured Milk category in Malaysia is on a downslide with penetration declining Y.O.Y since 2018. With competitors doubling spends to fight for the depleting market, Dutch Lady is faced with an uneven playing field.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Whilst tweens are active on digital platforms, mothers’ focuses are on traditional media. We developed these insights: Tweens should learn from selfdiscoveries on their own with little or no influence and pressure from their mothers – this will increase ownership and retention of their discoveries. Dutch Lady devised a 3pronged strategy for Tweens & mothers: ATTRACTing consumers & buyers towards an online brand experience EDUCATE & EXCITE on product knowledge & brand experience that fuels talkability CONVERTing users at POS, exposing them to the brand experience, leading to higher brand recalls and potential repeat purchases Dutch Lady created an online Brand Experience Tool called #EmoojiKu on Spotify that allowed Tweens to discover their identity through the language they know best – Emojis & Music. #EmoojiKu, a fun & musical online tool using Emojis, identified the Tween’s state of mind & revealed the Tween’s personality by identifying with their taste in music.

Media Execution
To bring this strategy to life, different media platforms work in clockwork to play their own part for separate target groups separately yet effectively: ATTRACT Mothers with PRINT: Newspaper Advert targeting mothers announcing the #EmoojiKu campaign with an innovation of a Bookmark in the form of an Emoji expressing out of the newspaper seams. This was complimented by a bursting strategy on TV targeting both Mothers. ATTRACT Tweens with DIGITAL: Home Page takeovers on leading digital Radio platform Spotify to attract tweens to the concept of #EmoojiKu EDUCATE Mothers & Tweens with Audio & Video: Functional comms for Moms on nutrition and Fun & Taste for Tweens ensured a complete reach story on media to EDUCATE & EXCITE both the Target groups. CONVERT: Unique #EmoojiKu packaging on the Flavour milk carton finally drove Consideration by influencing Tweens leading to Trial of the product by getting mothers to purchase. BRAND PLATFORM: Scanning the QR code on the packaging took users to the campaign site linked to the Spotify microsite. This one of a kind tool on Spotify’s microsite, worked on an insightful algorithm Identifying Mood with the State of mind, Hairstyle with danceability & Instrument with the Genre of music. Spotify randomized this data story into a custom playlist revealing the Tween’s true identity.

Results and Effectiveness
It was a huge progress for TWEENkind! The penetration of DutchLady’s flavours rocketed to +1.3p.p (6.5% Oct’18 to 7.8% Dec’18) despite a decline in category penetration nationwide. DutchLady also hit the highest penetration for their chocolate flavour since 3 quarters. Source : Kantar Worldpanel, Dec 2018