Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Malaysian Mommies Flaunt their Bump

Advertiser: Dutch Lady
Brand: Friso Mum
Creative Agency: Slipknot
Credits: Ramakrishnan C.N (Executive Director), Goh Soo Mei (Media Manager), Olivia Lee (Media Planner), Chow Lee Kheng (Media Buyer), Rahul Colaco (Marketing Director, Dutch Lady Milk Industries), Debby Ho (Marketing Manager, Dutch Lady Milk Industries), Francis Tan (Business Director, Slipknot), Victoria Chu (Senior Account Manager, Slipknot)

Against hordes of pharma brands in premium milk guaranteeing to turn your babies into Einstein, Friso needed to win the hearts of first time pregnant women. White collar would-be mommies were cynical about the cacophony of claims and wanted a brand that genuinely understood their needs – said and unsaid.

Pregnancy for Malaysian women was not just physically challenging, but as the bump grew, they grew increasingly conscious of their looks and their body, sulking, feeling depressed and turning inwards. Motherhood had become a scary journey. We decided to turn this scare on its head by “CELEBRATING THE BUMP”. With the new visual Life-on-Cam culture, where privacy was being redefined each day, We invited would-be- mommies to leave their shell and flaunt their bump on facebook.

A celebrity DJ mom triggered the flaunt by uploading her own ‘bump beautiful’ and she invited others to post theirs as well in the hippest and most interesting way possible. They in turn invited their friends to comment, vote and share forward their flaunt and help compete with other mothers-to-be. Moms network with moms a lot and the peer momentum that this Flaunting, sharing and conversing generated, brought out even the shy ones.

The campaign saw a ‘bumper’ response bringing back the joy of motherhood. Reaching 73% of TA, 20,530 joined it. 104,600 likes&comments generated RM3.6 Million worth of earned media. Brand Consideration increased by 38%, “Brand I trust” score by 160%, leading to an increase in Friso sales by 32%.