Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2019 | |

Anlene gets Malaysians to move it

Advertiser: Anlene
Brand: Anlene
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
Anlene wanted to connect with the young Malaysia, who have been ‘zombified’ by the advent of the great Mobile Phones. With Malaysia having one of the highest Mobile ownership/usage in SEA our challenge was to use this ‘insight’ while also go ‘against’ it and make them literally move!

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
With Mobile penetration of 125% and disengaged consumers we had a big task at our hands. 1) Make them look up and notice the brand 2) get them to do a physical activity as Anlene stands for Mobility. We created the first ever Mobile to OOH interactive billboard, which was activated through the motion sensing technology in your phone. Our Idea Connected the Consumer and brands insight to create a never been done before execution.

Media Execution
Using a strategic location smack in the middle of Bukit Bintang, we used a Massive Anlene Interactive Billboard which solved problem 1 get noticed but how do we make them move? The second leg of the activation, we used their Mobile’s Gyroscope technology asked them to jump as fast as you can. The faster they jumped and the more people joined our ANLENE UHT PACK would start to fill up on the LIVE BILLBOARD. Once its 100% who ever participated got a special prize motivating more people to join. Mechanics of this activity were simple: 1. Once you see the billboard, log into Anlene website on your phone. 2. Fill in your contact details. 3. Jump within 1 minute to fill up the UHT pack 4. Congratulations!, you won yourself an Anlene UHT gift pack

Results and Effectiveness
Response was fantastic with a reach of 15,000 in just one day, with 90% of them being our TA Youngsters. Over 500 media postings Total earned PR value of RM3 Million And an Engagement rate of 56%