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Tiffany & Co setting the benchmark for exclusive launch

Advertiser: Tiffany & Co.
Brand: Tiffany & Co.
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The Challenges
Tiffany & Co is no stranger in the luxury jewellery sector. Whilst their key target group, the affluent segment, has high spending power, it is important but difficult to garner their interest and make them feel connected with a print advertisement. With an upcoming collection launch, how do we make it tastefully desirable to this segment and draw new potential consumers in this competitive sector?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
A typical affluent:
1) Wants to feel exclusive and pampered
2) Have firsthand access, ownership and experiences Hence, we had to build an experience that is exclusive, unique and luxurious to position Tiffany & Co as the topofmind for fine jewellery.
We had 2 core tasks to strengthen the brand imagery and trigger consideration through experiences. The strategy was leveraging exclusive events to create unique luxurious experiences that propels the brand together with people into the spotlight, creating hype over an exclusive first preview of Tiffany’s Paper Flower new collection. Thereafter, this luxurious experience for is then broadcasted across the elites to further drive desirability amongst the rest.

Media Execution
The Paper Flower collection premiered on the front cover of the Tatler, Malaysia’s leading luxury magazine featuring a prominent KOL with Tiffany’s jewellery. The edition’s cover story featured the entire collection adorned by wellknown KOLs over full 10 pages. We drove more media attention via an exclusive, invite only preview across the magazine’s network of highnet worth individuals. The hype and coverage over Malaysia’s first Paper Flower collection preview tea party hosted by Tiffany & Malaysia Tatler gave high prominence that extends beyond the attendees; we further amplified it across Tatler’s digital and printed content as well.

Results and Effectiveness
We manage to identify, target and garner the interest of Malaysia’s 30 most influential people, the partnership generated 6,995 page views of video sponsorship and delivered 94,248 impressions on Tatler’s display advertising through mobile and desktop.