Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Advertiser: Cancer Research Malaysia
Brand: Cancer Research Malaysia
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The Challenges
What we don’t talk about when we talk about Cancer are research efforts. Earlier this century, Cancer was seen as a death sentence and that perception stays even today; despite countless breakthroughs made to improve prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer. CancerResearchMalaysia’s (CRM) research efforts lacked the awareness it deserved, inevitably affecting funding.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
To flip the situation, we launched a campaign addressing preconceptions and stigma around cancer, showcasing how CRM has been making advancements in cancer prevention and treatment. Ultimately, it was about showing what CRM has been doing to ‘reverse’ the effects of cancer. Introducing #ReverseForCancer: a unique initiative, cocreated with an assortment of partners, each pioneers in their own field, coming together for one noble cause.

Media Execution
We built a slew of partnerships: experience design agency SkinnyFatKids, production house GrimFilm, photography studio StudioDL, custom apparel startup 3sciety, artists from Doodle Malaysia and host venue APW. To drive social conversations, we worked with influencers such as Venice Min, DanKhoo, LizzChloe, and JinLim.
#ReverseForCancer was brought to life in two vital parts:
1. The #ReverseForCancer Challenge, led by influencers, was launched to encourage the public to post their own reverse photos, videos, names on social media and snowball the challenge to their friends. The creative & media partners on board were responsible for creating snappy content pieces (you name it videos, posts, articles) that baited more participation in the challenge.
2. Up Close and Personal: Now that we had a social storm brewing, we gave Malaysians the opportunity to meet CRM’s top researchers who ran workshops on the progress towards eradicating cancer.

Results and Effectiveness
With an estimated 8 Mn reach, an average of 25k likes per reversed post, an estimated 800 engagements per reversed post, this unique branded content initiative with a purpose had generated over RM1.2 Mn in PR value. It touched people’s lives!