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Eat, Play, Learn with Google!

Advertiser: Google
Brand: Google
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The Challenges
Google and its suite of products (eg: GoogleAds) & services (eg: Display Planner) are cardinal to an agency’s arsenal; be it for media or creative. Despite being a staple in the lives of agency folks, staying updated on the entire Google offering was a nightmare. Now, solely depending on Google representatives for that was not smart, we needed a more efficient way!

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Acting on the insight that ‘learning is more effective when it’s tactile, rewarding and fun’, we collaborated with Google to co create a Learning Machine powered by Malaysia’s greatest motivator: Food. This meant rewarding agency folks for learning about Google products. How did we do it? We turned the ordinary office vending machine, into a smart Learning Machine that dispensed learning nuggets & snacks. A never done before or ‘even thought about before’ initiative that had ‘smart’ written all over.

Media Execution
The ordinary vending machine was overhauled to include an interactive LCD touch screen. It displayed GoogleTrends when idle and popped questions when someone interacted. As a reward for answering a question, a snack would be dispensed based on the individual’s choice. Example: When someone interacted, the Learning Machine would pop a question such as ‘What is the maximum duration of a YouTube Bumper Ad?’ This was followed by options of ’4 seconds’, ’6 seconds’, and ’10 seconds’. If the correct answer was selected, a congratulatory message was displayed along with the snack choices. Ultimately, it was about encouraging a culture of learning: delivering byte sized knowledge with bites.

Results and Effectiveness
The Learning Machine was the new water cooler. 95% of over 4,000 questions were correctly answered. Anecdotally the back & forth with Google reps dropped. In fact, there is a huge expansion plan being put in place to take this across other agencies locally and globally.