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The Wave of Digital Disruption with Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War

Advertiser: Petron Malaysia
Brand: Petron Malaysia
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
Petron’s key challenge is to breakthrough the advertising clutter during the 14th Malaysian General Election ‘media blackout’ period, which falls right on the campaign’s Consideration phase. How do we ensure our campaign exposure isn’t compromised? So, how do we sell 100,000 units of Die Cast Figurines within the short span of 5 weeks without the interruption of election?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Insight 1: Fan theories would fuel the movie fever as early as 1 month before the actual movie release. Insight 2: Facebook and YouTube would be bombarded by political propaganda, up to three weeks before the election period. Users would turn to Instagram for escapism. Capitalizing on these insights, Petron took on the opportunity and rode on the fan fever wave 1 month before the movie release date. As Marvel’s exclusive collaboration partner, Petron had the added advantage of capitalizing on Marvel’s Avengers Talent Tour, a nationwide social contest in search for 60 Malaysian Marvel Superfans. The social contest is disseminated on MarvelMalaysia and OhMyDisneyAsia for relevancy, and these Superfans then became Petron advocates. Meanwhile for the public, teasers on the exclusive figurines were released to create a “new” demand way before election period kicks in. Keeping insight 2 in mind, we’ve strategized content on Instagram through MacroInfluencers and MicroInfluencers during the ‘media blackout’ period, effectively addressing high Reach and authentic Engagements for the campaign. 357 MicroInfluencers were engaged to create original content on Instagram, framing the exclusive figurines as highly desirable collectibles. This has enabled Petron to drive high amount of consideration, ensuring authenticity and instilling “fear of missing out” amongst targeted audience.

Media Execution
Facebook and YouTube, two platforms with large Unique Audience Base and high user time spent, were platforms that we capitalized before election to address the Awareness phase. Content pieces such as Petron’s Avengers Infinity War TVC and Carousels showcasing the full range of exclusive figurines were launched on Facebook. YouTube Masthead was utilized to turbocharge the launch, allowing us to reach out to the masses, maximizing high Audience Reach. During Consideration phase, which coincides with the ‘election media blackout’ period, we’ve leveraged on power of Influencers’ (both Macro and Micro), capitalizing on their content creation ability to further induce the message of exclusive figurines, along with CTA to get users to drive to their nearest Petron. Content created were released on a staggered basis through the Consideration phase. After the blackout period had subside, we’ve boosted content pieces that Petron collaborated with MarvelMalaysia as the final push on completing the set of exclusive figurines, before they’re completely sold out. With Facebook’s Store Visits optimization, we’re able to push on a strong CTA that shows users the nearest Petron based on their real time location. Waze Ads were utilized to complete the funnel, effectively addressing the need of users searching for the nearest station and navigate them there.

Results and Effectiveness
Results were:
• 90%+ Exclusive Figurines sold
• +4.2% uplift in Navigations to Petron stations!
• +4% hike in fuel sales, despite decline in market.