Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2019 | |

The Playable InstaStories

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
Come Ramadan/Raya 2018, KFC launched the ‘Fierce on the Outside, Tender on the inside’ NachosCheezyCrunch (NCC). We wanted to court the millennials; the ones leaning towards the Ayam Goreng McD. However, we faced a double whammy:
(1) Millennials dislike ads & are 10X more likely to skip ads;
(2) we couldn’t show them the NCC, as brands were not allowed to promote food openly during the fasting hours.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We needed a ‘pull strategy’. With millennials spending 3+ hours on mobile daily, mobile was an obvious choice and Instagram Stories was their preferred social channel (GlobalWebIndex). Tactic: Create an experience that distracts and excites millennials when they are on InstaStories. Timing: Activate it exactly when they are online. Introducing Malaysia’s first InstaStories game ‘Fierce vs Tender’. The game required millennials to pair with a friend and engage in a tapping spree taking on the ‘Fierce’ or the ‘Tender’ side. A fun, tapping tug of war not really showing the NCC yet advertising the NCC. Bingo!

Media Execution
We created a 25 frame InstaStory with ‘Tender’ on one side and ‘Fierce’ on another side. It pitted players against each other to be the first to tap the fastest across 10 InstaStory frames. As Instagram usage peaked during lunchtime, 15 second Story ads encouraged clicks to the KFC profile where the game was housed in Highlights. Simply, users could play the game and upon completion, we asked winners to Direct Message us to redeem a voucher for breaking fast at KFC.

Results and Effectiveness
The 24 hours game was a game changer. It did not just set off a rage on social with over 100,000 game taps and +907% increase in profile visits. We gained 8% uplift in dinner time visitation of which teen incidence grew by +29% and teen visitation surged by +3%.