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How OLDTOWN White Coffee Made Millennials Pause for 187 Hours

Advertiser: OLDTOWN White Coffee 3in1
Brand: OLDTOWN White Coffee 3in1
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The Challenges
OLDTOWNWhiteCoffee (OTWC) is a heritage brand that needed to futureproof itself by building affinity with the Millennials due to poor relevance. OTWC needed to strengthen imagery as “relaxing brand” and build on brand repositioning campaign “Anything is Pauseable” to build competitive difference.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Consumer research helped uncover a second coffee consumption moment untapped by competitors with huge budgets; Aside from the mornings, millennials look forward to unwind in the evening over a cup of white coffee due to its rich aroma and creamy texture. Millennials hustle daily at work, causing high stress and exhaustion. Thus OTWC wanted millennials to pause during their tiring evening at work because Anything is Pauseable (pun intended). Our strategy was a counter intuitive one; using a rich media ad on mobile (device that sucked most time) to make millennials put their phones down for just 30 seconds (giving them time back).

Media Execution
1. 2pm to 6pm when focus is low.
2. News and business sites (safe for work) where millennials scroll endlessly when distracted.
1. Convinced millennials via a mobile pull up banner that a short break help them refocus.
2. Instructed them to put down their smartphones, tracking action with inbuilt gyroscope.
3. Activated a 30 second countdown timer and encouraged millennials to meditate by simply focusing on their breathing, accompanied by calming rainforest ambient sounds. Timer stopped after 30 seconds or whenever the phone was picked up, scoring millennials on their 30 second pause attempt (same time to make a cup of instant OTWC).

Results and Effectiveness
# +33% brand favourability score within 4 weeks.
# +5.6 point in brand imagery score for “relaxing brand”.
# +5 percentage point more consideration base, a big deal in a low involvement category.
# 40% engagement rate (40x higher than 1% benchmark).
# 187 hours given back to millennials. (Source: ClientBrandLiftStudy)