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Maybank Capitalises On “WHEEL-TIME” To Inspire Chinese SMEs To Be The Entrepreneur Of The Future

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Brand: Maybank
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The Challenges
SMEs contribution to Malaysia’s GDP has been growing YOY. Within the SME segment, the Chinese SMEs are core to banks. We needed to earn their trust, and continuously grow this segment who are skeptical of banks.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
INSIGHTS 1.The perception is that SMEs don’t want to enhance and evolve their businesses skills, when in reality they want to be Future Ready Entreprenuers. Sometimes, they don’t ask for help for fear of ‘losing face’.
2.It’s all about ‘relationships’, trust and respect when dealing with Chinese SMEs.
3.Malaysians’ time spent on the road, one of the highest globally and SMEs are always traveling for work.
STRATEGY & IDEA We partnered ChunPin, popular local business expert and most importantly someone Chinese SMEs respect and trust, to deliver business content when they are driving, via ‘Maybank’s ChunPin’s BusinessTalk’. Unlike many Corporate, business experts who Chinese SMEs feel a disconnect, ChunPin comes across as friendly as he doesn’t use complex business jargons. It was like listening to a friend giving valuable business advice.

Media Execution
52 Weeks of Business Updates Partnering with MelodyFM (highest listenership amongst Chinese SMEs), we connected with Chinese SMEs via ChunPin, delivering latest business content, from Mondays to Fridays. 260 Different Business Contents By listening to the SMEs’ needs who leave comments on ChunPin’s social, we worked with ChunPin himself to craft 260 fresh content covering anything from Small Start Ups to US China Trade War implications to SMEs. 1,092 Radio Capsules Throughout the 52 weeks, we targeted them when they were on the road during peak times, 9am, 2pm and 7pm.

Results and Effectiveness
By targeting the always travelling, Chinese SMEs when they are on the road, we delivered : 1.207,167 new SME accounts in year 2018 VS 2017 2.+57.34% unique visitors and +28.67% sessions to MaybankSME website 3.+68.19% new users to MaybankSME website 4.+18% higher search peaks in year 2018 VS 2017 5.123,000 SME listeners in MelodyFM