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The Only CNY Ad You Need to Watch

Advertiser: Anchor Beer
Brand: Anchor Beer
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The Challenges
With the Chinese being the majority Beer drinkers in Malay dominated Malaysia, Chinese New Year (CNY) is the most prosperous time for beer brands to drive sales. Unless you are AnchorBeer with a teensy unaided recall, a ‘plummeting by the day’ market share, a mere 1% of the category’s media spend, and zero creative assets! We needed an ingenious hack.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Malaysians spent 130 minutes merely watching CNY commercials! Why not? This was the season when brands created fuzzy videos about clichéd family moments. Backed by generous spends, it was impossible to escape them. These clichés stuffed ‘perfect family in smiles’ videos were ironic because every minute they spent watching them online, meant less time with their families. An irony that hid the perfect opportunity for Anchor, the real Beer for real Moments. Introducing the only CNY video you need to watch. We trolled the entire swarm of CNY ads with a series of clickbait snappy videos that told people to get off their phones and spend more time with their families, over an Anchor Beer!

Media Execution
1. We identified the top trending CNY videos via social listening
2. We created clickbait mimicking the thumbnails and titles of these videos and rode on the media spends of the biggies! Example: A clickbait was titled ‘Finding Ah Boy’ with a thumbnail featuring a dog (year of the dog). When viewers clicked, we bamboozled them. ‘Spoiler! Ah, Boy reunites. You can too if you stop scrolling and start the Gong Hey Fatt Choy’. With content affinity and trending keywords targeting, our clickbait took the digital world by storm.

Results and Effectiveness
We had a +27% sales lift. We beat Heineken in recall scores. Against the CNY videos, our click baits won. View rates were 11x better, ad play rates were 2x better, native ad clickthrough rates were 2x better!