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2010 | |

A Jam-Packed Quickie

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: MILO Fuze
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Germaine Ooi (Senior Executive, The Exchange), Foong Zaai Yee (Executive, The Exchange), Cindy Chia (Director, Client Leadership), Allison Chin (Director, The Exchange), Chon Pei Voon (Executive, The Exchange), Nestle Products Sdn Bhd

TV - A Jam-Packed Quickie psd

The new MILO Fuze formula has more MILO taste. We need to tell urban adults that MILO Fuze is now ‘jam-packed’ with more MILO taste! How can we serve a creative, content based solution that engages and impacts the target?

Research reveals that urban adults are somewhat rebellious and do not like taking “instructions” from advertisers. However, word-of-mouth and slapstick humour resonate well with them. With this insight, we engaged popular TV hosts with a loyal fanbase amongst our target. These TV hosts did not just talk about the new, jam-packed MILO Fuze taste, they also acted out the ‘jam-packed’ experience in a fun, exaggerated and slapstick manner!

For the first time ever, we ‘jam-packed’ 8TV’s studio with a group of people during 8TV’s Quickie talk show! Viewers became curious, since normally the show only has two hosts. The hosts raved continuously about MILO Fuze’s new formula with MORE MILO taste, linking the ‘jam-packed’ studio with MILO Fuze’s ‘jam-packed’ taste. A contest on Quickie strengthened connection, where viewers could call in and answer questions about the improved formula.

98% polled that the campaign created positive brand appeal. Trial of MILO Fuze increased by 4% within the first month of the campaign (Millward Brown). Quickie’s viewership soared to its highest record during our campaign month! It was such a success that we replicated the campaign in another talk show.