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How does a Brand find Oppoturnity during MCO and create Brand Impact – We Wish You Well (WWYW) Campaign

Advertiser: PETRONAS
Brand: PETRONAS Corporate
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Since inception, PETRONAS has been an integral part of the Malaysian society and has contributed to it’s growth and development. The Year 2020 saw Malaysians and the world face unprecedented challenges emerging from the COVID19 pandemic .There was a sense of unease and everyone was worried, in such a scenario PETRONAS as the national icon and a brand which has always helped and supported to the country decided to launch a special campaign to reassure both internal and external stakeholders. Further the campaign was envisioned as means of acknowledging the changes taking place in the energy sector to continue meeting the demands in these crucial and uncertain times.

Insight & Strategy
PETRONAS actively collaborated with all the government bodies like MKN, KKM, NADMA and PDRM and leveraged the information at hand to help develop a campaign which helped people feel a little better, be more informed and be more assured that everything was benign done both the government and by their beloved brand to help Malaysians in their hour of need. Lockdown and benign confined to home also led mental health issues, with some people not being able to cope up with the isolation and the general feeling of being worried. Fake news and incorrect information were rampant, which posed the problem of people not being correctly informed. A side effect of too much time spent of social news was the new phenomenon known as “DOOM SCROLLING” , where people would read negative news w.r.t to the COVID crisis, it lead to vicious circle of people continuously feeling negative and disheartened. All of this put together created a situation where PETRONAS decided to mobilize its digital assets to share a 3 pronged messaging:
Tips on how to maintain emotional and mental wellbeing
Showcase PETRONAS contribution to the COVID fight and how it supported frontliners. Highlight changes and initiatives by PETRONAS stall and teams to support the COVID battle.
PSAs during festive period and sharing the right procedures and protocols with Malaysians for ease of information sharing. With the world shifting to digital platforms and social media witnessing a huge surge both for information collection and for entertainment purpose, the campaign leveraged various social media platforms and bring a little cheer back to Malaysia.

The campaign execution was done in collaboration with PETRONAS and several governments committees, industry partners as well as voluntary support to provide communities’ support. The Collaboration efforts became a companion for Malaysians with more than 46 posts. The Phasing and flighting execution was divided into 3 main phases and 6 concurrently update phases throughout entire MCO from Mar 2020 – May 2020: Digital & Social Media:

Phase 1: Mental Health Awareness Drive (13 posts from 22nd Mar – 5th April 2020) While the campaign boosted 12 posts a day, the campaign also kept the community updated on the efforts that were being enhanced with omni party collaboration.
Essential Collaboration with Government (1 post on 6th April 2020)
Giving Back and Caring For our Communities (5 posts from 24th Mar – 14th April 2020 & 1 press release on Yayasan PETRONAS) Going Beyond Direct Business Requirement to Fill Industry Gaps (1 post on 8th April 2020)
Voluntary Community Support Efforts (2 posts from 13th – 30th April 2020 & 3 press release)
Cross industry collaborations to support authorities and the front liners to ease their burden (7 posts from 6th Apr – 22nd Apr 2020 & 7 press release)
Manufacturing essential medical supplies derived from natural gas is also ramped up to meet the spike in demand (3 posts from 8th Apr – 30th Apr 2020)

Phase 2: Give With All You’ve Got – A Rally Call to Malaysians & PETRONAS’ Staff Salary Contribution (4 posts from 10th Apr – 28th Apr 2020 & 3 press release)

Phase 3: Public Service Announcement (10 posts from 13th Apr – 1st May 2020)

Motorsports participation: PETRONAS Yamaha Sepang Racing Team local hero Khairul Idham Pawi has also participated in this project as all the MotoGP races has been stopped at that time and it is a challenging time for him as well as a professional racer. Nevertheless, he has encouraged Malaysians to stay fit and stay healthy via 2 posts with virtual connection built with his fan on PETRONAS and rally call for #WeWishYouWell #KitadaKita.
TV:Leveraging on the increase of viewership during MCO (32% higher in Mar 2020 vs Jan 2020, Source: Nielsen MY Covid Webinar), the campaign also reached out to Malaysian (TV3, Awani) via special report to ensure traditional media audience are not left out on the branding exercise.

For Malaysia. The campaign had achieve accumulative over 184 mil impression, 136mil reach and 13mil online action (13mil views, 284k other engagements). Average reach per post is about 3.6mil. The top 5 performing post from WWYW (based on impression) with similar investment are Post No. 3 DIY People Distancing, Post No.4 Food Aid to B40, Post 21 Menyinari Hidupmui, Post 10 Beli1Belanja1 and Real Time – PCR Lab. Malaysia CPM Achieved at average RM1.5 while CPV achieved at average RM0.01, which is the lowest compared to past PETRONAS campaigns. From the social listening, it was noticeable that Over 1,00 conversation gained beyond posting, with nearly 100% positive sentiments among Malaysians indicating Malaysians were nationproud of PETRONAS brand initiatives as well as retail efforts such as Setel app usage. Another observation via social listening, leaders in the medical field gave shoutouts to PETRONAS contribution which elevated PETRONAS image. Netizens were proud and supportive of PETRONAS. Announcement of CPAP prototype made Malaysians realized how impactful PETRONAS x Mercedes collab is making a difference to the world. Last but not least, the overall campaign has contributed to the uplift of the Top of Mind of PETRONAS comparing to other O&G companies such as Shell, Petron, Caltex and BHP. The needle moved from 34% to 61% compared to Q4 2019. The competitors on the other side are experiencing a decline since Q4 2019 from 46% to below 29%. (Source: PETRONAS Brand Health Tracker Study)