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2021 | |

Prudential Going Beyond Boundaries Providing Protection

Advertiser: Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad
Brand: Prudential Malaysia
Creative Agency: NAGA DDB Tribal Malaysia
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
In recent years Prudential has been strengthening brand affinity among Malaysians by helping them get the most out
of life and encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle with “do something about it” mantra. However, the pandemic that hit in March 2020 literally paralyzed everyone, both individuals and businesses alike. Now as a brand with a claim of WE DO, this meant that our credibility and brand health was at stake. We knew that any form of inaction would cost us our reputation. This is a story of how Prudential found an actionable step in a time of helplessness thus leading the way for people do something about COVID19. Objective 1: To inform and create mass awareness about Prudential Malaysia’s Special COVID19 Coverage Campaign to support existing customers and noncustomers during this difficult time. The challenge was to create a mass awareness with a short turnaround of two weeks to introduce and educate on Prudential’s Special COVID19 Coverage plans to the public. The communication objective was to highlight Special COVID19 Coverage’s benefits for PRU customer, if they register via Pulse by Prudential App, they are qualified to have 2x coverage. For nonPRU customer, they will be entitled to limited free coverage upon registering via Pulse by Prudential App.

Insight & Strategy
At early stage of the outbreak, as people turned their conversations online during the lockdown, we discovered through social listening that while health appeared as the main concern, it was the widespread panic and worry which sets Malaysians unprepared for the situation. In response to the pandemic, access to healthcare services for COVID19 quickly became widely available by the government. As brands struggled to find their footing, we searched for a relevant need that Prudential can fulfill and act on. With the widespread news on COVID19, many have lost their source of income and were facing challenges to stay afloat financially. None of the current existing medical policies by any insurer cover against COVID19. This lack of financial safety net beyond the standard access to healthcare is imminent. Prudential realized the immediacy for this protection gap and stepped up to fulfill this need. The idea: Prudential wants to provide COVID19 coverage for all.

Agility, trendmonitoring and an accelerated digital communication strategy were the key components to achieving Prudential’s objective in a short turnaround time for this campaign. For months, the nation has been assaulted by an invisible enemy that has the upper hand. Over the course of Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia in 2020, the increasing COVID19 cases have caused high stress level on Malaysians, leaving them feeling anxious and isolated. Especially with lockdown mandated nationwide and people were staying updated on COVID19 cases reported through mobile. To some extent, it can get overwhelming. But amidst the uncertainty the nation was going through, people were still hopeful for a brighter future, people were positive towards combating and flattening the curve with frontliners. The silver lining was seen through Prudential’s relief efforts in helping to ease financial pressures on their customers and communities as they face the prolonged effects of the pandemic. With everyone turning their conversations online and staying updated with the latest COVID19 news, we leveraged on the heightened online media consumption to rollout Prudential’s Special COVID19 Coverage for all. With only two weeks to turnaround brand into a relevant and current necessity for all to access, almost instantly through mass media channels with local news media publishers and Facebook Ads. The key message for Special COVID19 Coverage Campaign was to educate and inform Malaysians that all, be it existing Prudential customers or nonPrudential customers, all who registered via Prudential’s Pulse App would be enrolled for Prudential’s Special COVID19 coverage plan. KPI metrics that were tracked for this campaign were cost Per Link Click on Facebook/Instagram and Pageviews from the local news media publishers.

With one core objective focus, this campaign achieved beyond just mass awareness and to mention the few below: 1. With Prudential’s agility to be the first to announce its COVID19 coverage, it has boosted brand preference scores among Millennial at 19pts during campaign period, surpassing 7 pts from the goal. 2. With the announcement on mass local news channel and Facebook Link Click objective ads, we overachieved signups for Special COVID19 Coverage via Pulse App by Prudential at 233K signups, surpassing targets by 11.5% (200K) 3. Through mass awareness from the public, it has generated 10% new customer leads, we overachieved new prospect leads than planned by 11% (190K Leads), doubling the standard benchmark. 4. One of the alwayson goals was to always to generate growth for the Pulse by Prudential app. Once the annoucement went live on Special COVID19 Coverage and how easy it was for the public to register and redeem this coverage, by August 2020, it has brought us 1.41 mil downloads vs planned targets at 1 million downloads by September 2020. The ripple effect from the mass awareness traction exceeded expectations by one month ahead and surpassing our targets by 410K downloads. 5. Apart from pushing articles on mass media publishers, with a singleimage Facebook Ad and objective to drive traffic to learn more on Prudential’s Special COVID19 Coverage, it garnared a whooping 14.5 million impressions in just two weeks, surpassed our target clicks by 367% at 71K link clicks with a CTR at 2.84% (above global benchmark of 0.9% CTR). With only RM150K media budget, Prudential’s Special Covid19 Coverage Campaign drove effective results at an efficient cost. This campaign has helped over 800 unique cases and with an Annual Premium Equivalent (APE) to RM2.7million. Prudential has completed paid claims value of over RM2 million which goes back to their true value of being a peoplefirst brand and part of their contribution and efforts in living up to the brand’s promise that WE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT DO.