Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

Cadbury Dairy Milk Generosity

Advertiser: Mondelez International
Brand: Cadbury Dairy Milk
Creative Agency: Ogilvy - Malaysia
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
Cadbury’s “There’s a glass & a half in everyone” global platform, launched in 2018, needed to be adapted to Malaysia for better relevance. Centered around acts of goodness namely generosity, we also needed to make the
global platform’s film resonate with different audiences with different interests and different consumer moments.

Insight & Strategy
The insight for building this campaign was simple: the more personalized the message, the better the relevance was to our consumer, the higher the likelihood our consumer was to engage with us. Hence we set about personalizing our message on several levels: 1. We simplified and localised the global film a. Local talents and a localized setting were used in a remake of the global copy to drive relevancy amongst Malaysians. The storyline was the same: a girl wanting to give her busy mother a bar of chocolate but didn’t have enough money, the shop keeper being generous, gave her the bar in exchange with what whatever she had in her pockets (buttons, coins, a small plastic toy etc.) 2. Thereafter we created a campaign to enforce our local content by personalising it to key audience segments among chocolate consumers, determined by data & analytics. a. We worked with insights from Facebook and Google to determine the 5 segments namely Foodies, Music, Movies, Games and Mums b. We then worked with the creative team to customize the localized film further towards these 5 segments: i. For foodies, we see the girl and shopkeeper sharing a bar of chocolate ii. For movies, the shopkeeper changes the TV channel and plays cartoons iii. For games, they play tic tac toe iv. For music, the girl give one side of her headphones and shares music v. For mums, we see her mum not taking a call but instead use the time to spend with her

Upon creating the personalised assets, we served them on Facebook and Youtube, targeting 5 different audience segments. And the personalised ads were further personalised on Youtube! The main copy and 5 personalised versions were targeted at different segments during the 1st phase to build relevance on a broad spectrum then to further drive relevancy, in our 2nd phase assets were multiplied to 155 personalised messages on Youtube with Google Director Mix. Our talent, the same girl, would connect with the viewer using a message relevant to the content viewed E.g. When a user is watching a lion king video, the messaging on the video will change to “The King of Deliciousness” similarly for a Justin Bieber song the messaging will changed to “Yeah, we’ve got that yummy, yummy, yummy”.

With personalised messages, our audience not only recalled our ads more (1.7X against benchmark), but they took action by purchasing Cadbury Dairy Milk products! Brand lift increased by +3.6pp from the previous year. All these translated to a 21% growth in revenue during campaign!