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iPhone SE Launch

Advertiser: Maxis
Brand: Maxis
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
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Objective & Challenge
Device sales is Maxis’ direct source of revenue and our ambition is to be the leader in device discovery & purchase. We were experiencing a rapid decline in device sales due to Covid19. At the same time, the launch of
iPhone SE was around the corner and we see an opportunity to ride on this campaign to address the challenge. The goal is to reverse the decline in device sales trend and increase brand preference and purchase intent.

Insight & Strategy
GOING BEYOND EARLY ADOPTERS For major device launches, we’d typically target Early Adopters: people who are obsessed with getting the latest tech before anyone else. But we had two problems: 1. iPhone SE is a midyear model: With money being tight, they’d rather save up for flagships with breakthrough features like iPhone 12. 2. Smaller group: Only 13.5% of our audience would be early adopters. We needed to maximise sales impact to reverse the drastic sales dip. So, we casted our net wider with the Early Majority (40% of our audience). Early majorities pride themselves in finding smart lifehacks to keep their family running while stretching their dollar. But would prefer to see these ideas and technology “vetted” first by someone they trust, like tech
reviewers. DEMAND TOWARDS INTERNET AND TECH GADGETS DURING THE PANDEMIC INCREASES While household spends decreased, we observed that our audience spent more on essentials that’ll keep their families going during the pandemic. Internet usage jumped 23.5% in the first week of MCO and 32.1% by week two, as Malaysians saw it as an essential tool to stay connected, entertained, working and learning. Besides that, we also noticed a surge in search interest on laptops, tablets and computer peripherals – devices they saw as essential to keep them connected – but not smartphones. Unfortunately, industry reports showed that this surge in internet usage as well as intent in laptops and tablets, would not translate to an increased spend in smartphones, which were still seen as nonessential luxuries. OUR STRATEGY: MAKE SMARTPHONES ESSENTIAL TOO Even though
upgrading smartphones were not topofmind, we knew people were focused on digital solutions to keep their lives going during the MCO. We saw this as our opportunity to show consumers how a reliable smartphone on a stable network was a smart investment to keep you connected during tough times. Especially with a network that makes owning a smartphone less of a financial strain with easy ownership schemes like Zerolution.
SMARTER COLLABORATION WITH TECH KOLS Instead of just doing iPhone SE ads, we decided to go where consumers went to get smart tips to stay connected digitally: tech influencers. Overall YouTube watchtime in Malaysia saw a growth of 35% and specifically for consumer electronic videos, it doubled compared to same period in 2019. 7 out of the top 10 YouTube channels viewed were also from Malaysia. We saw this as our opportunity to partner with the top local tech KOLs like Smashpop, Amanz, SoyaCincau, and TricycleTV, to showcase why getting a device like the iPhone SE with Maxis is a smart choice during tough times. To drive relevance with people with diverse needs, these tech KOLs produce a total of 6 longform content and 20 bitesized videos covering various angles, showing how the iPhone SE on Malaysia’s No. 1 4G network was the smarter choice for all your working, streaming, learning, gaming, socialising, connecting to loved ones and content creating needs. SMARTER REACH WITH 100% SOV ON TECH CHANNELS To make sure Malaysians will discover these videos not only when searching for iPhone SE but any tech related content, we dominated with 100% shareofvoice in top 19 local tech channels through YouTube Roadblock and bought global tech lineup with over 100 global tech YouTube channels. Throughout the campaign period we served the bite sized content as prerolls by batches to keep the messaging fresh and multiangled, endorsed by our local tech KOL collaborators to
drive home the key features of iPhone SE, our toprated network, as well as our Zerolution easy device ownership plan. With effective usage of the video content, we were able to maximise reach and widen the funnel for
consideration and conversions. All ads from the videos to our display, social and search ads led to our Maxis Online Store, where customers were able to purchase the iPhone SE seamlessly and conveniently, without the hassle of leaving their home as the phone will be delivered to their doorstep.
1. HALT DECLINING DEVICE SALES TREND Result: We successfully reversed the device sales decline by May 2020 and exceeded June 2019′s sellthrough rate in June 2020. • NORMALISED TOTAL SELLTHROUGH TO MAY 2019 LEVELS 277% increase in sales in May 2020 versus April 2020 helped us reverse the decline and bring our sales level to May 2019 number • Exceeded Q2 2019 sellthrough rates in June 2020: We exceeded device sellthrough rates by 30% in June 2020, vs June 2019. Placing us back on a positive sales trend for Q3 2020 • A big boost in iPhone sales: iPhone sales increased by 254% in May 2020 from April 2020 • A positive spillover effect on Android sales: Android sales grew by 291% in May 2020 from April 2020 at a time of no major
Android launches, proving that our approach didn’t just help with iPhone SE sales.