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Adopt A Keg Campaign

Brand: Carlsberg
Creative Agency: Grey Advertising Malaysia
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
Since Movement Control Order (MCO) was enforced in Malaysia due to the increasing Coronavirus cases nationwide, forcing everyone to stay at home to prevent any further increase in infection cases. Most of all, Malaysians are no longer allowed to hang out in pubs and restaurants and this enforcement has caused the entire food and beverage industry to a massive halt and immediately changed the industry landscape. As an effect, many business owners were still trying to figure out how to deal with the situation especially with bars and pubs falling under grey area of being essentials or not. Everything happened too fast for business owners to even figure out a sustainable business recovery plan.

Insight & Strategy
Malaysians contribute to save local pubs and restaurants during CMCO! On 1st May 2020, the government moved the status of MCO to Conditional MCO (CMCO) and has enacted that pubs and restaurant businesses will be operating for Malaysians to dine in with restricted timing applied. And by then, many business owners are already struggling to cope with their losses as CMCO was put in place and despite the government’s greenlight for resuming economic activities including F&B industry. Carlsberg saw this as a great opportunity and worked with all the owners to create the very FIRST and UNIQUE program “Adopt A Keg”Carlsberg that would drive Malaysians back to pubs and restaurants to help owners regain their business. The biggest challenge for any F&B is moving their food and drinks stock or else they stand a greater loss. Especially for beer, keeping kegs fresh is a challenge when bars are closed leaving business owners in a tight spot. This initiative rewards consumers when they purchase Carlsberg beer for home consumption with free draught beer they can redeem when the MCO is lifted and outlets welcome customers again. Consumers can fill up their very own “virtual keg” on the Carlsberg website, by simply scanning the receipt and barcodes from their purchases of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner and
Carlsberg Smooth Draught cans or bottles. Once the virtual keg is full consumers will be gifted two beers on the house, courtesy of Carlsberg Malaysia, redeemable via a QR code at participating F&B outlets of their choice when the establishment reopens. Redemptions for the AdoptaKeg initiative are available from June 1 to August 31 or while stocks last and are limited to the first 10,000 consumers, with a total of 20,000 glasses of Carlsberg beer to be given away. It’s all about timing! We had the shortest time to turn this around and push “Adopt a Keg” initiative in full speed into the market is through Online and Ecommerce, as the momentum of using Digital as a key platform to sustain and grow business. Digital was needed because it is the fastest way to turn things around and help the business owners survive with this initiative. We have taken the digital approach to create awareness on how Malaysian can help the businesses with Carlsberg’s innovative initiative in pushing the number of kegs to be redeemed.

With the conditional movement control order – many businesses are allowed to operate and Malaysian are able to enjoy a pint of beer in any of Carlsberg’s partner establishments, however Malaysians are still advised to stay at home to prevent any virus spreading. With this Malaysian’s behavior – tackling into digital sphere is a must in pushing key media initiatives. FBIG and Programmatic were pivotal in driving high awareness and creating the perception that Malaysians is able to contribute to sustaining Malaysia’s bars and pubs, followed by different assets on how Malaysian can help the bars by participating in the Carlsberg FIRST innovative initiative – buy a Carlsberg beer, scan the barcodes to fill up the Virtual Keg in Carlsberg website and once the virtual keg is full then consumers can redeem their glasses of beer when their favorite bars and pubs reopen. At the second phase of the campaign, remarketing has been implemented on new creatives to create a reminder on the campaign’s message and encourage participation of the initiative. Hence, this creates a sequential campaign story to createcuriosity sparks. We used both content publishers on both languages – Chinese and Eng and digital press to magnify the communication by pivoting empathy angle on the message of “helping struggle business” to entice Malaysian to join the initiative. Tackling high traffic digital press website to cover mass audiences in Malaysia to expand the awareness of this campaign. After executing this plan, we have extended this Carlsberg initiative to support Liverpool Fan Club campaign highlighting Liverpool winning Premier League for the first time in 30 years due to overwhelming participation to get the Carlsberg keg.

The campaign has achieved 2.14M reach with the total views of 1.92M of this campaign. In less than 3 days, 1000 customers had sign up to the program and 93% successfully redeemed their beer with 75% finds “Adopt a Keg” easy to use and navigate on the website. In less than 3 weeks, a total of 20,000 glasses of Carlsberg beer were given away! And the campaign had to be halted for “refill” due to overwhelming response from the public as the KEGS were all successfully ADOPTED!