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When The Land Below The Wind Meets Ancient Town – Running Man Bah!

Advertiser: airasia com Travel Berhad
Brand: AAX
Creative Agency: N/A
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Objective & Challenge
In November 2019, AirAsia reopened a new door for Sabahan to travel directly from Kota Kinabalu to Kunming. Offthebeaten path destination in China like Kunming is not something that millenials would check off in their travelling bucket list. China is very well known that only the uncles and aunties would want to go there for their retirement holiday. Based on the historical reviews from those have visited China, many have commented that Chinese citizens are extremely loud and rude. Another famous unfavorable review received is about going into the toilet without a door. We need to change the traveller’s perception towards China as a holiday destination to go. We also need to address that China is no longer like what we have seen 10 years ago and the country has evolved rapidly with their innovative technology.

Insight & Strategy
The China entertainment industry is booming up with popular game shows like Chinese Running Man, Great Escape and more. All these shows are inspired by the Korean shows and we found that millenials are addicted into chasing each of the new game episode. Thus, in order for us to reach out to our core target audiences (Sabahanmillenials), we tap into our travellers’ interests by creating our very own version of game show When The Land Below The Wind Meets Ancient Town Running Man Bah! According to Kantar study, rising internet connectivity has driven up content consumption, with 82% of internet users in Malaysia watching online video on a daily basis. On top of that, the type of content that people are seeking out is evolving. We collaborated with one of the top local radio station in Sabah (KK12FM) and engaged with 5 of their most witty and influential radio announcers (Amy Dangin, Gee Mojina, Apeng, Elvin Romeo and Farish Aziz) to take part of the game show featuring attractions in Kunming. We created engaging, relatable and humorous content with a touch of Sabahan’s native language and style; injected with attractions to be promoted subtly in order to trigger consumer’s interest to travel. Consumer would prefer the content that they watch online to be produced by influencers who share the similar culture. Hence, encouraging them to plan for their next holiday to Kunming. We identified the top few attractions in Kunming to be featured like Shilin Stone Forest, Dragon Gate, Yunnan Nationalities, Western Hill Forest Park andmore. Allthese attractions are pretty skewed towards Chinese ancient historical and sceneries. So only those with historical geeks would deem to be interested on these attractions. That’s not what we wanted!

In order to grab the nonhistorical geeks interest to watch our game show, we injected a game challenge in each of the Kunming’s checkpoints. For example, we started off the game show with the first challenge in Shilin Stone Forrest called “The Battle of Paper Scissor Rock” but with a twist using their facial expressions to represent the action. We have changed the rule by using facial expressions instead as it would create more laughter among the viewers. The most popular thing to do while you’re at Yunnan Nationalities is to try out their cultural and traditional outfits. Next challenge up was based on our millenials’ favourite Instagram hashtag #OOTD challenge. We challenged the two teams consisted of Amy & Gee vs Apeng & Elvin. Each team would required to handpick Yunnan’s tradiotional costume and style up accordingly to win their most votes. At Western Hill Forest Park, the announcers were tasked to challenge on their Chinese literacy level. At the same time, this challenge also tested their stamina level and memorizing ability as they would required to endure the tiredness of climbing the flight of stairs. The announcers would require to memorize the Chinese idioms and then provide the closest definition to their understanding to the judge. From here, we are able to see all sorts of ridiculous and funny answers and again, this was our intention to grab our milennial viewers interest. Campaign execution was rolled out solely in KK12FM’s radio and social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). Week 1 (Pre promo) Created a total of 16 spots/weekday of onair talk set whereby the 5 radio announcers shared their game show experiences and educating listeners on the fun facts of Kunming in theirrespective segments covering frommorning until evening rush hour time. On top of that, each of the announcers also created a teaser which would lead their listenersto stay tune for the release of their epic game show on KK12FM’s Facebook page. Week 2 (Launch of game show Part 1) Game show Part 1 was launched. To further amplify the campaign and to make it more interesting, we created IGStory contest comprises a series of 10 questions (answers are in the videos) to hype up the engagement rate with the followers. A lucrative prize is offered to a lucky winner. Ultimately this contest has also benefitted us in driving more video viewerships. Week 3 (Launch of game show Part 2) Game show Part 2 was launched and winner announcement was made officially on both online and offline platforms. We continued seeding out 8 social postings showcasing the beauty art of Kunming and some of their candid shots taken during the game show. Week 4 6 (Sustenance) Waved in 3 weeks of commercial spotbuy with a total of 240 spots running during morning and evening timebelt in promoting AirAsia’s year end holiday season flight offers travelling from Sabah
to Kunming and other provinces in China. This high frequency spots allowed us to create top of mind brand recall among the listeners.

Result #1 An increase of 19% for flight search and sales increased by 56% during campaign compared to past! Result #2 Video content garnered a total of 105K organic views, obtained 1442 likes and received 169 shares from the video contents! Result #3 Furthermore, attracted 149 contest participants joined the contest!