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How treating our customers like a boss during the pandemic made them love us

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
Creative Agency: Astro
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Objective & Challenge
In Q4 ‘2020, KFC introduced the “Pandu Ambil” feature (curbside service) as part of the total KFC Self Collect service to ride on the MCO trend as majority of sales have shifted from Dine In to Takeaway. This new feature has made KFC ordering fast & convenient – users just need to order & pay online, drive to the store and KFC staff will then bring the food to your car. In the past, the Self Collect sales trend has been slow during the nonpeak season, tactical promos contributed to the uplift of the sales but couldn’t sustain the spike. Unless there’s a promo, Malaysians don’t feel the need to order via Self Collect. As people are encouraged to minimize physical contact from the pandemic, we saw the opportunity to: (i) Educate consumers on the benefits of using Pandu Ambil (ii) Convert Existing KFC takeaway customers to Pandu Ambil

Insight & Strategy
Pandemic & lockdown has changed the media scene in Malaysia. TV viewership has increased exponentially as Malaysians are encouraged to stay at home hence spending more time to watch TV. Our economy is also greatly impacted as Covid hits many business owners have lost their main income source and eventually led to permanent closures as they failed to revive operations during the hard times. According to MalaysiaKini, more than 30,000 businesses have shut down since the start of Covid19 pandemic up to September 2020. Employees are asked to work from home however, as 60% of the economic driver in the country come from of retail, services, manufacturing & agriculture sectors, these people couldn’t work from home efficiently due to the nature of their work and it has led to another worrying fact that they might be forced to take paycut, unpaid leave or even losing their job. As Malaysians are living in fear, being vulnerable to the potential challenges that they might face, KFC wants to make them to feel worthful again from nobody to somebody. Hence, our strategy is to: Team up with Astro and engage their inhouse talents for a branded integration campaign. We developed the campaign theme of “Tapau Macam Boss” as KFC provides the bosslike services to Malaysians who order KFC via Pandu Ambil. We “Tapau” the biggest Malay properties on Astro TV & Digital to build brand awareness & consideration through an edutainment story telling way with the use of influence power from celebrities.

By leveraging the high viewership talk show on Astro, we sponsored a segment in MeleTOP with the idea of “Parking Tepi Je so you can Tapau Macam Boss”. Social Video In the video, Izzue Islam who were featured as Atuk Kepci came to rescue Afieq Shazwan, the hungry driver being stucked in traffic by explaining how he can “Tapau Macam Boss” with KFC Pandu Ambil feature and ordering steps were demonstrated and ends with both of them getting treated like bosses by KFC staff right in their car. The video was released on Meletop, Astro Gempak & Awani’s social pages to create buzz online. Live Show The story was even extended to the live Meletop program. We had Afieq Shazwan to attend the live show by delivering KFC that he ordered via Pandu Ambil for the 2 hosts (Micheal Ang & Elly Mazlein) and Afieq was interviewed to talk about his Pandu Ambil experience with KFC and how he was able to “tapau macam boss”. Throughout the show, brand message was integrated and we have the animated lower third banner to highlight the promo whenever there’s a brand mentioned by the hosts. Branded Advertorial We also have Gempak, Rotikaya & SiakapKeli to educate the audience on the product’s features. Social Video 30sec branded capsule The campaign also came with the 2nd phase to sustain the noise in which we developed a 30sec branded capsule (cutdown version of the video) and aired across the Top 3 Malay channels on Astro – Warna, Prima & Ria for constant exposure.

OBJECTIVE#1 Change people’s behaviour to do pandu ambil: Drive conversion for existing takeaway users to Pandu Ambil without a tactical promo! RESULT#1: We achieved 25% more selfcollect conversions compared to the precampaign period. RESULT#2: 1 week into the MeleTOP sponsorship, we received 19% more Pandu Ambil orders than before. RESULT#3: We brought in extra 17% of daily traffic & 51% more new users to the KFC Self Collect page after the sponsorship. RESULT#4: KFC’s YouGov brand consideration metric has increased by 3points compared to the previous month. OBJECTIVE#2: Educate consumers on the benefits of using Pandu Ambil RESULT#1: Integration with Astro Meletop has reached 2.1mil of audience, and also achieved 40% of R1+ from the 30s capsule. RESULT#2: The social video has garnered close to 100k views across all platforms, and we gained 112% more views on MeleTOP’s YT than our expectation