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2021 | |

Gegar Vaganza – Keriangan Dengan Setiap Pesanan

Advertiser: Delivery Hero Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Brand: foodpanda
Creative Agency: N/A
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
• In November 2020, many Malaysians had pandemic fatigue and were looking for ways to escape the boredom of WFH.
• Many crisis related empathetic brand messages had at this point become stale/too prevalent.
• Fresh ideas and fresh medium were needed to drive its ambition to become a household name, creating brand affinity as Malaysia’s favourite food delivery app.
• Foodpanda wanted to drive more frequent downloads and app usage
• And continue to invest in its brand equity as Malaysia’s top household food delivery app
Insight & Strategy
• Brand perception: As Foodpanda delivers right to our doorstep, essentially it closes up distance, connecting us with the things we need in our daily lives – whether it’s food, groceries or that soft drink that you suddenly crave for. It brings relationships closer as we send our love, care or appreciation to people we care about.
• Brand intent: We want to position Foodpanda as the medium that connects people together, whether it is family, friends, or even building relationships between opponents. • Knowing that the nation would tune in on Malaysia’s top singing program: Gegar Vaganza, Foodpanda prominently placed itself to feature in key areas within the program.
• Brand relevance: In Gegar Vaganza, participants go through roller coaster moments filled with highs and lows. That’s when they need support from each other as well as their friends and family the most. And that’s when Foodpanda is right there to connect them to their loved ones, providing support and the muchneeded relief to ease their journey when it becomes too heated.
• #GegarkanJalinan: During the production of the show, contestants were isolated from their family and friends for a period of time. We wanted to humanize Foodpanda and show how it strengthened connections for the contestants and their loved ones despite being socially distanced.
• By tapping into the high reach of our nation’s top singing program (watched by 15 million households), Foodpanda was maximizing its brand equity investment by embedding itself into popular consciousness

• From onground activations, to topofmind awareness on TV, to consistent chatter on social media, we were able to be an integral of everyday Malaysian conversations.
• Weekly integration between Foodpanda and Gegar Vaganza brought ties together by sending love, support and hope
• During rehearsals, audiences saw moments of bonding between contestants when one of them feels like having a soft drink and instantly ordered a few bottles from his favorite store from Pandamart to treat the other contestants
• Surprise Pandamart delivery from the host to judges to ‘Gegarkan Jalinan’ by breaking their tension from judging during the competition and another round of surprise Foodpanda delivery to front row audience from producers for supporting the show
• Riders were selected who were former pilots or air stewards, for example, displaced by the lockdown economic shakeouts and given a chance at a new job during the crisis
• Segment captured and highlighted on digital platforms like Gempak, Siakap Keli etc
• Added bonus: A special moment where our host Nabil directs audience attention and his appreciation to foodpanda riders sitting at the front row (in uniforms). He thanks the riders for their hard work especially as frontliners during the lockdown and dedicates the episode’s performance to them.
• 30 second Branded Promo ran with the big idea “keriangan dengan setiap pesanan”, showing how foodpanda connects contestants with their loved ones.
• Foodpanda’s brand was tastefully incorporated into production during LIVE programs, capsules, countdown link and red carpet, subject to Astro discretion and approval
• No blatant advertising of product/services was allowed

• The campaign resulted in some of the highest single day new user signups. After the show’s weekly episode was aired: next day increases in app downloads: +146% on Nov 29, +181% on Dec 6, +228% on Dec 13th
• Usage penetration increased 228% year on year outperforming competitor’s growth; app sessions increased by 158% and the brand achieved favorable rating of 95%
• The brand became an instant household name and achieved mass adoption nationwide. To date, there are 30,000 riders, 30,000 restaurants, 25 pandamarts and 3,500 shop partners registered with Foodpanda Malaysia.
• According to Statista, Foodpanda achieved market share growth of +75% outdoing competitors such as Grab (+62%) and other fast food (+16%)
• 7.5 million TV Viewers
• More than 1.0 million weekly viewers of Gegar Vaganza LIVE
• 49.8 million digital views on GEMPAK • 200 thousand (+24%) viewers on Astro Go/VOD
• More than 100 thousand social media mentions
• Top trending for 11 consecutive weeks on Youtube [Source: Kantar Media DTAM, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics]