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2021 | |

Spelling out V-A-G-I-N-A from A – Z

Advertiser: Vinda Malaysia
Brand: Libresse
Creative Agency: Havas Immerse & InvictusBlue Group
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
When it comes to health, every part of our body matters to Malaysians, except the vagina and vulva. For cultural and religion sensitive purposes, women have been restricted to talk about their own body health in the vzone area for all their lives. “You can learn it in school, don’t need to scream about it on social media” is what some people have said about women’s vagina health education. While only the first part of that sentence is true, most girls get their periods at the age of 11. Biology teaches kids of reproductive system in secondary school. 11yearold girls wouldn’t even know why blood is running down their legs in the middle of a school day, with the boys panicking that she’s going to die. It is a general insight that most girls only know what they were told to wear and what to speak about when they’re young, and never question more. This is why Libresse and team wanted to start this movement, knowing many girls follow Libresse on Instagram & Facebook, Libresse wanted to take on the social responsibility to help girls understand what is happening to their body, and not be ashamed to ask what’s best for their vzone.

Insight & Strategy
Vagina. If saying the word makes you even slightly uncomfortable, then you are not alone. A survey conducted by Libresse also found that almost four out of ten women feel uncomfortable using the word ‘vagina’ in conversations, even when it’s purely for education and health purposes. The shying away from a biological anatomy has also resulted in significant educational impact. Our survey shows that over 69% of Malaysian women have mistakenly identified a diagram of a woman’s reproductive system. Furthermore, over 63% of them have not seen or do not know what a vulva was! When pressed on, over 70% of Malaysian females agree say that despite the (minimal) education received in public high school, it is absolutely necessary to have more public conversations and education about a woman’s genitals. 69% of Malaysian females agree say that despite the education received in public high school, it is absolutely necessary to have more public conversations and education about a woman’s genitals. Speaking about it can help them find their own way towards getting the right products for their vzone as well. With the help of Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Patricia Lim SuLyn, Libresse Malaysia lead the femcare industry into a movement to normalize talking about our general vagina & vulva health

As an echo to the Know Your V campaign with the taboo breaking video that created conversation, we made the effort to talk the talk and walk the walk by amplifying the content through social content and an educational boardgame. A – Z was the initiative to educate women across Malaysia with easy and interactive IG Story, pinned to the Libresse profile for the audience and Libresse fans to browse through on their own time. Each letter represented an item off the checklist of vaginal health care and how to properly care for a female’s body. 24 IG Stories lead to subsequent related posts and PWP merchandise that reflects the voice of Libresse. Together with the rollout of educational engagement surrounding VZone awareness, the campaign introduces ‘The V Game’. This firstever, interactive boardgame was given away through puberty talk programs in schools, via social media and instore activities. Set to trigger VZone conversations among women of all ages, participants can roleplay in everyday situations that women face, from dealing with their monthly period to talking about VZone health. The game guides players and provides solutions that resolve these situations, while offering facts on how women can care for and love themselves, including appropriate care for the delicate VZone. Aside from the digital, social media and onground initiatives, we opened up the vagina talk to selected schools as part of a longstanding initiative to share knowledge about puberty, periods and VZone care among girls aged 10 years and above. Since 2014, the Libresse school campaigns have reached more than 605,000 students nationwide.

From April to August (campaign period), we saw: An increase of 0.90% number of fans on Facebook in comparison to average 0.09% from Jan – March. An increase of 82% number of followers on Instagram in comparison to average 80% from Jan – March. From brand lift survey conducted with the 15sec video on YouTube: There was a total of 15,795 responders. Baseline positive response rate shows 67% of those who did not see Libresse ad are aware of the brand: considered quite high compared to industry benchmark of 40%. Despite having high baseline positive response rate, the overall Headroom Lift was 7.4%, best compared to industry benchmark of 4.9%. This means that the campaign has helped Libresse get close to the maximum number of positive responses from users who saw the ad. By amplifying the message from the video to actual education on social media & offline, it did not only result in an increase of Libresse ever usage from 58% to 88% from Q1 2020 to Q3 2020, it also helped reduce the gap between ever usage of Kotex in comparison to Libresse where Q1 had a gap of 16% and after the campaign, the gap became 5%. In terms of social presence, we saw: IG fan base grew 68% (3,044), since launching Know Your V from AZ IG Stories “The V Game” board game became the highest engaged post on Libresse social page with more than 39,746 views and 30% engagement rate, higher than average 7 – 9% engagement rate in Q4 2019 to Q1 2020 before the Know Your V campaign. We saw that there was a high retention rate for the social A – Z social branded content at average 73% and a 100% positive feedbacks for A – Z IGS series.