Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

Kepci Kitchen

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
Creative Agency: Reprise
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
During MCO, a time when Malaysians couldn’t step out of their homes, food delivery became the new big thing and the biggest source of business for restaurants. While KFC is the leader in the QSR category, McDonald’s rules the roost when it comes to delivery. This was because food delivery was driven primarily by young adults and McDonald’s was more popular with Young Adults. So when an entire country chose to cook at home, or when they chose food delivery, choose McDonald’s…. how could KFC sustain their business and delivery growth during MCO? So, we needed to (i) Make more people order KFC Delivery (ii) Make KFC more popular in the Delivery Market (iii) Get teens & young adults to switch to KFC

Insight & Strategy
We realized that we couldn’t convince such a large segment to change their minds, nor take on a mammoth enemy like home cooking. However, we observed an interesting trend around us. More and more of social media was devoted to “Lockdown Cooking”. Everyone was keen on showing their innovative results in kitchens – be it Dalgona coffee or sourdough bread! As millions of people were deprived of doing their regular jobs, they felt useless and nonproductive. That’s where the kitchen came in! A period of nonproductivity had become a time for creativity. KITCHEN CREATIVITY was providing millions of people a way to feel productive, purposeful and fulfilled during MCO. We realized that everyone was excited to create – and not order fully finished meals from outside. So, we asked ourselves: how could we contribute in this game of Kitchen Creativity? Our strategy is to repurpose our product from a fully prepared meal into an INGREDIENT to combat Malaysia’s newfound desire for home meals. We found a way to create new occasions and new ways of consuming KFC! KEPCI KITCHEN, Turning every Malaysian kitchen into a KFC kitchen.

Our premise was simple: Encourage Malaysians to order KFC Delivery by showing them how to use their KFC favourites more creatively through simpletomake recipes for the family, and menu hacks for teens & young adults. The Launch: Introducing The KEPCI KITCHEN Instagram Stories Cookbook. We kicked off the campaign with the launch of our first six recipes that catered directly to the different MCO personalities, namely “the lazy onepot cooks all chef”, “the enlightened health & fitness junkie”, ” the gamer, the Netflix binger”, ” the one that misses the mamak”, “the one that misses the warung” and “the one that misses ‘atas’ western joints”. All recipes were uploaded onto our Instagram account, and stored in our highlights bar to create a digital cookbook shelf where Malaysians could browse and screencap our recipes, just like a real cookbook! From the getgo, we ensured that all recipes were easy to make with accessible and simple ingredients (due to MCO restrictions) while also championing our core favourites. Amplification: Selfmade, Selftaught Instagram Chefs. We worked with Instagram chefs & foodies to create a new set of recipes that were broken down into three categories: Big eats (56 pax, family sharing), Mid eats (23 pax) and individual eats. This was to ensure that our two key audience groups could relate to our diverse body of recipes, providing an endless stream of ideas to remix their KFC orders. The selection of influencers was carefully selected to appeal to our audience. Each of their postings had a clear CTA to purchase products featured and promoted our free delivery code. Reaching a wider audiences on TV To extend reach to our core audience and align with the increase in TV viewership in April, we embarked on a fourepisode sponsorship with TV3 program “Dari Dapur Saya Ke Dapur Anda”. All episodes were also uploaded on TV3’s YouTube, Instagram and Facebook page which broadcasted the series to a collective base of 8 million social followers & subscribers. The cooking show was led by celebrity Sharifah Shahirah where she cooked up four Ramadan recipes: Tauhu Begedil Kepci, Bubur Lambuk, Murtabak Ayam Kepci and Nasi Ayam Ori Kepci. Thus, not only did we repurpose our product, but we also found an innovative way to ride on Malaysia’s desire to cook at home!

Our crusade to turn every Malaysian kitchen into a KEPCI KITCHEN exceeded our expectations! Objective #1: Make more people order KFC Delivery: RESULT1: We overshot our targets by a mile! Our incidence grew 15x from 2 to 30, and volume share grew 11X from 2 to 23! Objective #2: Make KFC more popular in the Delivery Market RESULT2: “Brand Ever Used” grew from 26 to 43, and “Most Often Brand” grew from 5 TO 9! Objective #3: Get teens & young adults to switch to KFC RESULT3: Teens visitations increased by +19%. A similar trend observed amongst Young adults which grew by +24% for KFC