Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

Sunsilk – Miss Possible

Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Sunsilk
Creative Agency: TBWA
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Objective & Challenge
Despite still being the market leader in hair care category, Sunsilk Malaysia saw consecutive decline in market share, mainly contributed by the decline of its core range1 to 18.3% in 2018 from 21.3% in 2015. By 2018, the health and beauty channel are growing at +18.5%3 with the market premiumizing. Market growth is driven by super premium (7%) and premium (10%), impacting all mass brands including Sunsilk that doesn’t have a premium offering. The decline is mainly attributed to losing relevance among its young audience. To secure its position, Sunsilk aims to grow and win over the upandcoming segment of Gen Z women by creating brand experiences designed to empower them to break through.

Insight & Strategy
We needed a wayin with GenZ audiences. Through focus groups and survey, we identified that 37.5% the Malaysian Gen Z women considers ‘building a career’ as the best starting point to build on the future they want to live. Having a career is such a defining moment until reality checks started to hit them. When they begin their career, they are faced with the many barriers of the male dominated world they have no control over. Full of optimism and hunger, the Gen Z women knows that the only way to overcome adversity is to believe that you can’t be limited by them. What does Sunsilk want to do? • Help Define the generation: This revelation inspires Sunsilk to start representing this empowered generation. • Help Shape their journey with them: As a haircare product, Sunsilk’s strength lies in its ability to shape every hair into great hair. As a brand, Sunsilk believes in inspiring and helping every young woman to shape their own story too. We want to be a part of shaping their chosen path instead of telling them what to do.

A platform for Malaysian Gen Z women to take over the narratives and shape their own story. With Miss Possible, we created a platform that’s align with Sunsilk’s core proposition of “Together we open up possibilities”. We aimed to spark inspiration through stories of Gen Z women who have made it and use that inspirations to inspire action among our audience. (A) SPARK INSPIRATION This is when we launch #IniSaatKita (This is Our Time) – a rally cry calling out for young women to rise up and shine, with empowering messages in overcoming adversities, that they can relate to.
• Not just a video, but a Music Video! Inspired by popular Kpop and hiphop music loved by the audience, #IniSaatKita came to life in a form of a thumb stopping anthemic music video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, featuring Gen Z influencers who are Miss Possible in their own right – young women who are making it in their respective career fields: o Bunga, Malaysia’s breakthrough hijabi rapper who also performed the anthem, o Amira Ayob, Malaysia’s first female at the Crossfit Games, o Vivian Foo, 1st batch of female cadets’ pilot enrolled in Malaysia Airlines.
• Calling all Generation Possible To further drive the conversation, we engaged with 42 Instagram influencers of different sizes (from macro to nano), across different ethnicity and career fields, to tell their own personal stories of empowerment. (B) INSPIRING THROUGH ACTION: WE EMPOWER WITH SKILLS AND RESOURCES: We believe in not only shaping inspiration but also real skills that will be of useful to the audience. But as the pandemic took place, Sunsilk was determined to serve the community in the safest way possible. We conducted online masterclass on Facebook Live, called Kelas Inspirasi Sunsilk (Sunsilk Inspires class), designed for upandcoming content creators and entrepreneurs, where they could learn not just from the mentors, but each other, from the comfort of home.
• Kelas Inspirasi Sunsilk – Virtual masterclass for the community o We collaborated with influencers who have made it – Ain Edruce (YouTuber, actress), Shalma Ainaa (entrepreneur, cofounder of homegrown fashion brand, SHALS), and Bunga as mentors who shared useful tips and skills. This allows participants to be inspired by the mentors’ own personal experiences of how they achieved their goals. o We also collaborated with industry experts – Google and Facebook, to provide professional knowledge in content creation and social media. Be empowered to act, generation possible. This masterclass became our key activation for the campaign. To encourage signups, we created awareness via 42 engaged influencers, social media, PR coverage and content partnerships with Beautifulnara and SAYS, just to name a few.
• Rewarding Miss Possible Participants was encouraged to join the Kelas Inspirasi Sunsilk Challenge for a chance to win rewards that could help them achieve their goals RM10,000 worth of video equipment, and a 3month internship program with Sunsilk to learn about marketing and branding.

Objective 1: Brand Growth Sunsilk shampoo recorded +40bps shares increase to 15.9% for OctDec 2020 period vs same period in 201910, on track to achieve KPI by financial year end. Objective 2: Engaging Gen Z The 1minute music video by Bunga, Amira Ayob and Vivian Foo recorded 2.05 million views on YouTube On Facebook and Instagram, the video captured 4.25 million views Brand lift study showed our music video succeeded in bringing the message across and leaving a mark on many with 8pts Lift in ad recall (+35.6% vs benchmark) and 5.5pts message recall (+189% vs benchmark) We managed to get 4,116 signups from Gen Z women interested in participating in the masterclass. Influencers content alone reached over 525,000 netizens and recorded 3.58% engagement rate (Benchmark=1%) The campaign deliver over 127Mn Impressions on Digital Platforms