Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |


Advertiser: Universiti Malaya
Brand: Universiti Malaya
Creative Agency: Invictus Blue Group
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
Some defined ‘macho’ as an expression of certain traits believed to be masculine while some defined as a personal sense of virility where many thoughts, they’re invisible towards any health problem. This misconception so problematic where common “macho mistakes” become harmful to men’s wellbeing. #OnlyMenCan campaign taking into consideration that topic on prostate cancer can makes men feel uneasy or weak. Very often this issue on prostate cancer discourages many men from doing the screening which resulting in late and often fatal discoveries. Thus, it’s crucial for #OneMenCan to raise massive awareness about prostate cancer in provoking manners which also sparks a healthy controversy while generate massive share of mouth about the statement problem. Subsequently, this approach enables us to leverage further to generate much welcomed earned media for the campaign, through partnership with unconventional influencers to lead the movement via video and a multichannel championing thing only MEN can do, which eventually changed macho attitude into healthier attitude.

Insight & Strategy
Our strategy is to champion the things only men can do, which includes surviving prostate cancer due to the low awareness of prostate cancer awareness in Malaysia where only 26.4% of potential sufferers heard of a PSAtest. The plight of potential sufferers shouldn’t be reduced to jokes/scare tactics, they deserve to be empowered, hence, we took inspiration from the barrage of female empowerment campaigns, turned it on its head and created one that champions the things “only MEN can do”, which includes surviving prostate cancer. #OnlyMenCan’s slightly controversial premise was intentional to draw attention and use that to our advantage: to spark a healthy conversation around the topic, and subsequently, drive education to help raise awareness about prostate cancer and importance of early detection. Unconventional influencer usage to maximise traction is important thus, Dato’ Sri Nazir Razak (being a survivor) himself get on board to lend credibility toward campaign to garner earned media to maximise the efforts.

The partnership with respective media houses allowed us access to mass reaching platforms, all in exchange for #OnlyMenCan related health topics and content. For example, our partnership with Dr. George Lee aka Dr. Sex, helped us create topics of interest and allowed us to access primetime inventories on BFM, The Star and on Social Media. #OnlyMenCan campaign ran across multiple platforms includes traditional media such as television, radio and print to heighten awareness and reach potential sufferers based on their media consumption behaviour through interview with topic “There Are Some Things Only Men Can Do”. Educational podcasts used to keep listeners updated on prostate cancer backed with Social media capabilities to engage and educate younger audience earlier so they understand the importance of early detection, know how to care for their prostate health and know who to refer to. We further leverage on the platform to amplify the buzz with partnering with high profiles personality like Dato Sri Nazir Razak and many more unconventional professional influencers from various background which earned us free air time. #OneMenCan campaign further elongate through articles published on various news platforms such as The Star while the microsite used to host educational funnel to reach and direct those in need to the right platform.

Bearing in mind of the limited budget for paid media while two objectives to achieved, nevertheless, overall campaign gained massive success with 143% increase in related searches. Within just one month, #OnlyMenCan recorded a staggering 8,600,000 million social reach with a demand for more content on prostate cancer awareness. What more? The campaign gained rating over 1,438,000 on television with RM2,000,000.00 PR value. This translated into over 4.3mil impressions serve with high engagement rate at over 500,000. Additionally, it’s shown increase in consideration for PSA screening amongst men with symptoms of prostate cancer while on, over 15,000 unique visitors which spent approximately 2 mins on microsite. Current clinical study is still on going (over the next 35 years) to measure the full effectiveness of this campaign in driving early detection. Not bad at all looking at ROI out of minimum budget.