Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

Sunsilk Naturals Co-creation – Hair-ppier Me!

Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Sunsilk
Creative Agency: Naga DDB Tribal
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
Despite being the market leader in Malaysia and topping awareness scores, Sunsilk has observed decline in usage and share over the past three years, particularly among Younger Audeinces, owing largely to lack of staying on trend with conversations, and no new news on product innovation and positioning. Sunsilk’s market position continues to be threatened in view of the rapid influx of new players and innovations in H&B channels. We wanted to reach trendseeking 1825yearolds with an established (and increasingly sophisticated) beauty routine. Aware of the latest buzz in hair care, she incorporates natural products into her routine and is heavily inspired by her favourite celebrities, idols, and social media influencers.

Insight & Strategy
The modern Gen Z girl naturally follows her heart and focuses on pursuits that make her feel fulfilled. However, she’s often in need of extra appreciation, care and support as she blazes her own path in life. As she strives to define her womanhood and pursue her heart’s desires, she constantly struggles with outside forces weighing in on how she should conduct herself. Hair is so integral to her identity that it either holds her back or uplifts her. We knew that many other brands exhibited a tendency to speak “down” to these women, building the feeling of insecurity about hair and selling functional benefits to “solve” those insecurities. Sunsilk didn’t want to perpetuate this cycle of fear. We wanted to truly have dialogue with them, to really understand their hair issues. As a brand that exists to inspire and openup possibilities for girls everywhere, we believe that you can only be naturally you, if you received the best natural selfcare.

CoCreation Journey Sunsilk Malaysia embarked on its firstever cocreation project with Didi Astillah, an upcoming Malaysian celebrity, and Watsons as exclusive H&B partner. Didi and Watsons representatives flew to Unilever’s R&D Hub in Thailand and personally handpicked the product ingredients, fragrance and design creation for the new range. Working together with Watsons and Google/Facebook via a nationwide survey, Sunsilk identified the top two trending natural ingredients Malaysian girls want in their hair care routine – Damask Rose and Aloe Vera. The brand also empowered these girls to pinpoint their two most important hair issues: dry/itchy scalp, and dehydrated hair. Alongside Didi and Watsons’ cocreation journey, this knowledge enabled Sunsilk to create its first 100% Natural Hydration Range, specially designed for Malaysian girls. Walking the GenZ Talk Sunsilk leveraged on Didi Astillah’s presence as a GenZ influencer by reflecting her optimistic personality and musical talents throughout the campaign. In true Sunsilk Girl fashion, Didi cocreated a launch jingle TVC under the “Hydrated Hair, Hairppier Me” creative umbrella, used her social platform to conduct a live product session, and shared social posts educating her followers on the product benefits she had learned. With the cocreation piece in place, Sunsilk activated a gamechanging business model that effectively integrated instore presence and online audience targeting to achieve multichannel conversion. Robust Instore Presence Sunsilk designed impactful Watsons pointofsale displays embellished with clear benefit visualizations that enabled consideration and conversion at key instore touchpoints. A seamless offlinetoonline shopper journey was also established, with a QR code integrated on the product bottle to encourage shoppers to learn more about the new variant’s key ingredients, benefits, and monthly surprises (exclusive promotions or additional gifts with every purchase). Using QR codes incentivized shoppers to sign up to Sunsilk and Watsons’ mailing lists to follow new rewards or promotions, helping both brand and retailer garner more than 100,000 unique, protected data points to retarget with customized messages and redirect traffic back to online/instore purchase. Online Disruption Sunsilk innovated its consumer journey further with the digital experience. Using precision marketing, the Brand launched customized Facebook and Instagram content to activate her three most active subsegments – Natural Seekers, Beauty Mavens, and Innovators – and drive awareness about the newest, firstever Malaysian cocreation. The campaign was also fortified with extensive influencer reviews and PR coverage on and Juice. Instagramnative consumers enjoyed an AR filter that gamified the product awareness and consideration experience, rewarding participants with a special promo code to drive online purchase. Unilever’s existing roster of first party consumer data was also activated via onetoone email marketing with unique promo codes for redemption at Watsons online.

● The “Hydrated Hair, Hairppier Me”campaign achieved 1.5 X reduction in CPM
● The use of Didi and Watsons generated RM 609,000 worth PR value
● +14% Sunsilk growth in Watsons vs LY
● + 212% in Sunsilk Online sales vs. past 6 months in Watsons
● Sunsilk Natural rose to become the 2nd biggest portfolio in Watsons (within Sunsilk Portfolio)