Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

Walls Tealive Bobalicious Syiok Giler!

Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Walls
Creative Agency: Havas Immerse Malaysia
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
Icecream is an excitementdriven category, and in the past 2 years Nestle has stepped up their play with a variety of NPD launches. For Wall’s we recognize that the opportunity for growth (aside from creating excitement in the category via new launches) is to position icecream into the snacking space (instead of treat), Wall’s faced stiff competition from key & local players and wanted to redress the balance and strengthen its position. For the past few years, Malaysia has seen an explosion of Asian treats or localize dessert flavors. Food chains like Inside Scoop, Sangkaya, Pops Malaya and more are rising heavily to cater the demand of the local market. Fast forward to today, bubble tea has become a phenomenon not just in Taiwan, but also across the globe. In Malaysia, at a glance, there are more than 15 bubble tea shops within walking distance from each other, vying for dominance. With that, Wall‘s saw untapped opportunity from icecream perspective and teamed up with local most popular bubble tea chain Tealive to launced its new breakthrough innovation led product to set capture the freezer space in Malaysian hearts. Deliciously referred to as #WallsBobalicious, Wall’s Special Edition Tealive Boba Ice Cream is the latest way for all boba lovers out there to enjoy their favourite drink in the form of ice cream. The Icing: it can be enjoyed anytime & anywhere! The ice cream is made with 100% rich milk tea flavors and real chewy pearls in every bite, #WallsBobalicious aims to deliver a new sensorial experience at an affordable price.

Insight & Strategy
Following Wall’s mission statement, to bring more smiles to more people. We would utilize the power of integrated 360* plan to spread more positivity and commemorate moments of happiness with a “Syioking” treat. It is signified the movement of positivity from Walls stand point whereby when people are happy, they will have an extra boost of
energy, especially during covid & lock down impact. We are tapping to multiple content and leveraged more than 150 KOLs ranges between Aplha, Macro & Micro. 2 phases of campaign has been laydown to drive the impact on digital & TV to share positive ‘Syioking’ news. Hence, the propose campaign is the perfect collaboration to spread Wall’s messaging of promoting happiness and position.

We leveraged media platforms that fulfilled all of the following selection criteria: Visualbased, thereby enabling the InstaWorthy aesthetics of our product communication to be readily conveyed and shared. Highreach, thereby ensuring the campaign’s can bring as much visual joy to as many teens as possible. Valueformoney (with measurement data provided as a valueadd), thereby enabling us to (1) save up on measurement costs and (2) channel these savings to producing InstaWorthy creative assets. The speed to pivot launch plan (BTL & DOOH) to covid virtual context online exclusive preorder Catch Phase Harness the visibility and shareability ecosystem of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to put out a wave of thematic Walls Bobalicious content, from online video to social posts. Free Earned Media via Partner’s credibility of social media platform Pre launch exclusive online order to create teaser hypes among consumers. Convince Phase Launch the #WallsBobalicious with the help of influencers & Video content, whereby we want to entice their followers and the wider public for a limited time only, #WallsBobalicious will be available at all major ministores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores (711, My News, Shell, Petronas, Caltex and many more), as well as selected Tealive stores nationwide. Close Phase Build on the momentum created and make use of interactive Boba Go Rich Media Ads that inspired by Pokemon Go, First in Malaysia on the Impulse Ice cream category and intergrated with in store QR scan behavior to drive traffic from online to offline sales. Commit Phase Tap into Facebook’s CPAS capability to retarget users and redirect them to Walls ecommerce channels – based on their past purchase behavior. Wall’s Special Edition Tealive Boba Ice Cream is also available on partnering ecommerce sites namely Lazada, Grab, Shopee and Beepit in a pack of 15 and 30 regular sticks. Enjoy #WallsBobalicious delivered to your doorstep (Klang Valley, Penang and Johore Bahru) while you stay at home practicing social distancing. Free delivery is also available for the first 300 online orders on Lazada. Every online purchase on Lazada, Grab and Shopee will also receive a 50% off on 2nd cup beverage Tealive voucher.

Campaign successfully delivered 33mil impression on Facebook, 21mil completed views in 3 weeks, WOB video partnership has surpassed 25000 shares on Facebook with total of 744,118 shares. In terms of KOLs, we have garnered, 14.46% engagement rates than initail benchmark of 2%. Total of KOLs views reached 1.6mil. We hit the highest market share in Apr & May during campaign period, higher than when it was first launched in Apr, from 1.3 to 2.1 point rate. Internal sales recorded at +4% from forecast. In terms of business result, Fastest moving sku in the range Top 3 sku in key retailer Top 1 trending sku in the category on Lazada platform (first month launch) New channel expansion