Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

BMW’s POP Culture – Personalisation Out Performs!

Advertiser: BMW MALAYSIA
Creative Agency: Invictus Blue Group
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Objective & Challenge
With BMW launching the new 3 Series model, we were tasked with the challenge of engaging the potential buyers. Through Google insights and research, we noted that there are about 8 million auto shoppers on YouTube monthly within Malaysia and 87% of the potential car buyers highlighted that the videos influenced their purchase decision.
However, challenge being the redundancy in the creative messaging that only reflects one messaging across various target audience that are into different phases of their consumer journey. This inspired us to conceptualize a campaign that goes beyond highlighting BMW’s USPs and touch people’s life on more emotional and personalized level. Campaign strategy also needed to solve challenge of developing mass creative that would be needed for deploying personalization at scale. Automation of creative needed to be incorporated into campaign to ensure less brick and mortar work is done by team.

Insight & Strategy
To infuse personalization at the heart of our campaign strategy, we created a comprehensive and data backed creative story telling strategy, targeting users with highly relevant messaging based on the moment they are in. Strategy was based on: 1 – Content An extensive content bucket was created based on user’s viewing habits. Bucket was segregated on the basis of following parameters: Movies, Music, TV Shows, Concerts etc. 2 – Trending Topics In order for us to be highly relevant and real time, list of trending topics including upcoming events were curated. Content strategy was aligned with exact topics to create hyper relevancy 3 – Automation To make sure automation is at place, we used Youtube’s Director mix to automatically create different versions of creative based on user’s viewing habits.

Through social listening, we identified the latest topics on YouTube that were trending in Malaysia. We crafted video messaging which complimented the trending topics and set up topicled campaigns. We matched trending topics with signature features of the new BMW 3 Series. For instance with Avengers Endgame being a key trend during the launch, our ads were personalized: “What Would Make Tony’s Armor Better? And the answer was reflective of unique BMW features “The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, Like The One On The AllNew Legendary BMW 3 Series. Test Drive One Today.” We also leveraged on current pop culture topics such as the Jason Mraz’s Concert: “I’M Yours Is What You’ll Say Upon Experiencing The AllNew Legendary BMW 3 Series. Test Drive Today.” And ofcourse the most anticipated TV series in history, the season finale of Game of Thrones: “Hold The Door! Actually, Nevermind. Unlock The All New Legendary BMW 3 Series With A Digital Key In Your Phone. Test Drive The BMW 3 Series Today.” We did not only focus on trending topics, but also popular topics that are explored on YouTube (music, travelling, cooking etc.) and especially not forgetting BMW’s inmarket topic (car reviews, product introduction etc.). In total, we adapted over 150 customized and current trending centric messages. Personalisation alone isn’t sufficient in driving business goals. We incorporated TruView for Action into the personalised video ads to ensure that our optimisation drives measurable business leads and not just video views. A highly contextual ad provided the perfect boost to drive both curiosity in the New 3 Series and also online conversion, a winwin situation.

This was the most successful YouTube campaign for BMW Malaysia, shattering all previous video results. The high relevancy stemming from our personalized messaging yielded a 48% engagement rate. From a media efficiency stand point, we drove a Cost Per View of RM0.04 per view down from an average of RM0.12 for the industry. As for Media effectiveness, we noted a 53% increase in CTR and a 10% decrease in CPC when compared to previous video campaigns. The campaign drove over 56,000 website visits throughout the campaign and overall received over 900+ sign ups on site. Furthermore, the campaign was also featured on Marketing Interactive by YouTube as the best in industry campaign execution in the region for video ad personalisation.