Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

KFC_Machine Woos Man

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
Creative Agency: Ensemble
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
KFC is relaunching the iconic Popocorn Chicken with a +10% sales growth target. And we knew every time a product made a comeback, sales had been 7% lower versus its debut launch. It was an uphill task to achieve an ‘impossible’ +10% sales record.

Insight & Strategy
People today do not live for the future; They live in the ‘NOW’. Instant gratification is the new norm and people tends to flit between interests rapidly. So, how could we meet the +10% sales target & keep up with the vast number of everchanging interests? And our strategy is to focus on a ‘real consumer connect’ on YouTube. Why YouTube? Because it is a platform that gave consumers what they wanted, when they wanted it – instant gratification. With a +10% sales target, we needed to drive more footfalls which meant we need to drive maximum Relevant Reach. However, people could be moving from watching a KPop Video to Recipe for Ratatouille to eSports live competition. We could not be shifting our targeting strategies every day! In the context of Reach, YouTube brainer is a no brainer. But carpet bombing on YouTube was not a solution. We had to think leftfield to keep up with the plethora of interests. We developed a firstever campaign that could keep up with the everchanging human mind with the use of machine intelligence. We caught up with the speed of human minds.

Firstly, we performed cohort analysis on YouTube to study their journeys and unearth what people watched. Game of Thrones snippets, KPop, Avengers and much more. People did not just watch one video about a topic, they consumed everything from soundtracks to themes to even gameplays. And our shortlisting was done based on scale, we trimmed 2,847 themes to the 30 most popular themes. Next, we developed a Context detection engine, an AI tool to scrape every frame of every video on YouTube to detect invideo elements such as objects, faces & logos. The engine is coded to trigger ads (overlays & companions) when these invideo elements were detected. Lastly, we tailored precise creatives against the shortlisted 30 themes where we produced various witty ads. For example, a person watching a Game of Thrones would see an overlay banner that says, “A Lannister always pays his debts…. with Popcorn chicken”. Another example, a person watching Black Pink would see an overlay banner saying, “Forget Kpop, We got KfcPopcorn Chicken.” This allowed Media, Technology, Creative, Man and Machine to work in harmony.

As a result of this, we were winning hearts and wallets. We overcame the historical deficit of 7% for comeback product & achieved +10% sales uplift. Observed a +5% uplift in awareness (YouGov), outpacing McDonald’s by +2pts. This campaign generated 58,000+ social mentions, increasing brand conversations by 16%. And we have done the undone from conceptualization to multiple tests, tight timeline and excellent collaboration.