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Reverse Engineering sales funnel to close RM1.5Billion in Property Sales

Advertiser: Sime Darby Property
Brand: Sime Darby Property
Creative Agency: Kingdom Digital
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
In the middle of 2020, when global markets were plunging, people all over the world were facing salary cuts and layoffs, investors being prudent about their investing plans, property market, as expected, took a major downturn as well. Specially in Malaysia, where property demand has been on a consistent decline due to oversupply of developments and unsold units, the agency was tasked to “sell property online”. With that, Sime Darby Property launched Spotlight 8 2020 campaign with a focus on featuring new launches and super deals at a different location every weekend for 3 months. Campaign also harnessed on government’srecent update on Housing Ownership Campaign to offer maximum savings with incredible offers to consumers. The campaign saw 4 New Launches with Elmina Green Three, Lumira 2, Embun 2, Serenia Ariya and Weekend Superdeals on other key developments.

Insight & Strategy
Putting our thinking hat on, we looked for data and insights that could give us goldmine of opportunities to reach out to the most relevant audience group “people who are still looking for property right in the middle of pandemic”. We studied hundreds of data points across different data channels, partners and providers i.e Search trend analysis, web behaviour, social chatters, aggregators insights – to analyse the key behavioural pattern changes during consumer journey in post covid era. This resulted in garnering some insights, which turned our strategy upside down. Despite a national lockdown, demand prices for property remained stable Mapping out increased in demand for property searches in KL and Selangor Identified new pockets of opportunities in the form of budding locations i.e Klang / Seremban corridors Search behaviour for investors versus home owner searches. Increase in affinity index for investment topics Rising trend for HOC and OPR related topics Despite what most analyst is saying, the above data point shows that there were sufficient demand in the market available to craft a strategic campaign and hit the mark. Strategy was simple – let the sales do the talking! We identified audience from the bottom of the funnel, those most likely to take advantage of the MCO and purchase undervalued properties. Based on the insights gather through tons of data points, we reversed our sales funnel to target bottom of the funnel audience and then generate awareness through social chatter. Online media was utilized to drive maximum impact as data showed decline in consumption of offline channels like OOH and on ground activations.

We started the campaign by identifying the hottest audiences in the market: Investors – provide them opportunities to invest in property with great price appreciation index Familiophiles – high converting segment for landed house Deal Hunters – audience looking for HOC rebates – high affinity Property Seekers – close the sales gap by introducing SDP’s lucrative Spotlight 8 deals With the above, sub segments in place – we launched our Campaign of the Year – Spotlight 8 2020. By reverse engineering the sales funnel, we executed the campaign cross: Search, Social and Display, by layering it with 4 key pillars: Audience, Location, Attribution, Automation Audience: Reaching out to the layered audience was ensured by putting data based hyper targeting in place. We put our data engine to study web behaviors and patterns to identify key attributes of each sub segments and then rank them as per different audience size. For example: Investors – Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Unit trusts, SIPs etc Familiophiles – Parents with Kids, Children’s product Shopping, Kindergarten (with age filters) Property seekers – Third party web behavioral data based on web visitation patterns i.e property guru, iproperty, competitors – Gamuda land, Ecoworld, SP Setia, Mah Sing etc. Location: Using polygon mapping/targeting – we mapped 12+ locations across Klang Valley to identify high disposable income audience with affinity towards property buying. Polygon targeting was to ensure that there was no data and audience spillover across less relevant target group Attribution: Using the AI based attribution data models, we ensured that right channel is being attributed the right conversions and throughout all touchpoints there is minimum data conversion overlapping Automation Due to consistent updates by government on slashing down ORPs and introducing HOC benefits, we needed to ensure that campaign is reported on a real time basis so as to incorporate sudden demand during any unforeseen day of the week. Campaign was automated with real time triggers to highlight any drastic changes in data over a short time span.

Despite the different market and financial situation for Malaysians, Spotlight 8 2020 managed to achieve 4,229 leads, 6.5% higher than precedent year’s Spotlight 8 2019 with 3,971 leads. With an average 5,000 new user website traffic daily, we efficiently used awareness platforms with a high average CTR of 1.12%. With weekly optimization of ads and targeting, we managed to achieve a campaign ending of above 34% impressions share in google SEM and reached out high number of Malaysian users overall to have ad impressions above 100 Mil. Campaign not only drove exceptional media results and generated RM1.5 Billion+ in total sales booking. From business and revenue perspective, campaign managed to boost high takeup rates of its New Launches despite a challenging market 100% take up of both Serenia Ariya and Elmina Green 3 Phase 1 during their weekend launch respectively marked another stamp on the success of the campaign. 70% of the Lumira 2 (new launch) taken up at its launch weekend. 54 of 60 units of Phase 1 Embun 2 were taken up during the Spotlight 8 weekend from 19 to 20 September. On the success of campaign, SDP’s Group MD Dato’ Azmir Merican added: “The success of our launches shows that despite the soft property market, the sales campaign is wellreceived and that products we offer meet the current market demand for affordable and midrange products.”