Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

Nicorette guilts smokers at the right time and right place to get them to quit!

Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson
Brand: Nicorette
Creative Agency: UM
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
Objective: Educate and create awareness of Nicorette Nicorette, a smoking cessation product, aims to help smokers kick the habit. The brand promotes and encourages a dual therapy system of a transdermal patch that gives continuous levels of nicotine all day and a gum that is chewed when smokers need extra support to fight cravings. However, due to its nature as a drug, Nicorette is a controlled substance and is only available in clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. It’s also subject to strict advertising guidelines under Malaysian law. This prevented the brand from communicating to smokers on a large scale (most mass mediums) so brand awareness for Nicorette is pretty low. We needed to find a way to reach smokers in a cost-effective and efficient manner, on permissible platforms.

Insight & Strategy
Insight: The truth is, most smokers know that smoking is bad and that deep down inside, most of them do want to quit. So every smoking break therefore becomes a guilty pleasure, our goal was to infiltrate their smoking moments. We found out that 82% of smokers browse their mobile phones as they smoke. So we wanted to get into those moments via mobile. Strategy: Get smokers to become self aware during their smoke breaks and feel guilty to drive the intention of quitting. To do this, we needed to identify the places that they’re likely to smoke at and the times, serve them an ad with an emotional message guilting them to quit. Then we retarget the same audience to drive footfall into pharmacies with discount vouchers when they were in close vicinity to one.

Working with AdColony, we identified 4 relevant locations and times that people are most likely to smoke using footfall attribution and behavioral digital signals: 1. Office (5.2 mil) : Office workers who would go for a smoke break (usually after lunch at 1:302:30pm and tea time around 45pm) 2. Pubs and Bars (1.8 mill): Those who smoke while drinking and chatting with friends (triggered during the pub’s opening hours) 3. College & University (1.6 mil) : Most students would smoke in between classes. (triggered when large walking movement is detected within the college) 4. Nightlife (1.1mill): Those who smoke on a night out in the club. (triggered during the club’s opening hours) Then we geo-fenced these locations, sent them a question during the hours they were like to smoke, “What is your reason for quitting?” and showed them emotional imagery of family and health (2 main reasons why smokers quit). We added a smoke effect that could be swiped to be cleared away to add interactivity to the mobile ad. Then ended it with education on how Nicorette’s dual therapy system helps smokers quit 5X more successfully. We also embedded a store locator within the ad so users could find the nearest store. After that, we retargeted the same audience with promotional vouchers when they were in close proximity to any pharmacy that sold Nicorette.

1) The video achieved a VCR of 90%! 2) CTR for our ads (“store locator” and “know more”) is above 2.6% with an engagement rate of 6.11%. 3) Total footfall driven to pharmacies is 54,422 4) Nicorette saw an uplift of +13% in sales during the campaign period compared to before the campaign.