Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

Heroes in the Sky

Advertiser: The Walt Disney Company
Brand: Marvel Avengers
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
• In 2018, The Avengers: Infinity War promotional campaign saw an iconic Malaysian building transformed into Stark Tower emblazoned with the Avengers logo. It was larger than life and the talk of town.
• In 2019, to promote Avengers: Endgame, the brand needed to do something unprecedented, bigger, and better in KualaLumpur to keep audiences enthralled and set the new pace for transmedia storytelling.
• Ultimately, driving repeated viewership of its franchise’ productions.

Insight & Strategy
• Research: Based on social listening data, brand engagement reports and keyword searches, we understood that the audience was predisposed to be fascinated by the franchise’ outdoor show and tell.
• Insight: The creative idea was rooted in the insight that consumers who are stimulated by experiential marketing are highly likely to be emotionally invested in the brand and will in turn talk about it.
• Idea: While our target audience were beyond enthusiasts, fans of the story pay close attention to the love of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – to get their buyin, the experience must respect the narrative. The core six Avengers are the beating heart of the chronicle, an ensemble of fullbodied characters the audience had grown emotionally invested into.
• Strategy: To arouse the audience’s emotional extreme, the strategy was to shock and awe. The performance sought to draw in onlookers, creating a brand connection beyond fans to craft an exhilarating experience they can own and share.

• Thanks to efficient orchestration of onground production, Intel drone performance, production design, sound and light production, and venue management and logistics,
• A dazzling display of a recordbreaking drone light show synchronised with music transpired unannounced in the night sky, bringing to life the iconic Avengers heroes, marking the premiere of Avengers:Endgame.
• The 300 drones also made it into the Malaysia Book of Records for “The Most Drones Used in a Light Show”. Powering the collective drone hive was technology developed by Intel.
• The move was to commemorate the culmination of a story told across 22 films in 11 years.
• Poignant and grand, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye sent signals against the backdrop of the iconic Kuala Lumpur Tower. o o o o

• 10.4 million organic reach on Instagram
• Earned PR on over 50 international and media outlets
• +28% more tickets sold compared to 2018
• USD 2 Million total media earned
• The business impact speaks for itself.
• The organic hype contributed to achieving the overarching business goal of driving excited audiences ready to watch the movie and recruiting onthefencers for revisits to the movie theatre.
• Ultimately achieving Malaysia’s highest box office record of all time at USD 21 million.