Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

Tiger Crystal_Tiger: Crystal Live Bright_Malaysia

Advertiser: Heineken Marketing Sdn Bhd
Brand: Tiger Beer
Creative Agency: Adform A/S, Ogilvy
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
• There has been a growing demand in accessible segment with double digit growth yearonyear. Consumers are looking for a less bitter and easy to drink option.
• In order to have a share in this pie, Tiger introduced Tiger Crystal, an easy to drink lager that is filtered at a crystal cold temperature of -1°C to lock in the most desirable flavours and aroma, making it the ultimate refreshment.
• The challenge is to establish Tiger Crystal as the “ultimate refreshment” in this segment
with TOM awareness of 50% converted to 25% trials.
• By highlighting the value preposition of Tiger Crystal Beer Filtered at -1°C to lock in the flavours and aroma to get ultimate refreshment and engage audiences with personalized messages.

Insight & Strategy
• Our media approach was to build COOL ideas which gave people ‘the chills’ and made Tiger Crystal the talk of the town. In order to do this, we unveiled their first cold sensitive ad on Print. Brand awareness for the product launch in 2019 in print and sustenance via DCO in 2020
• Strategy was to leverage on the Unique value proposition and Refreshement of Tiger Crystal by employing a Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) strategy to display & engage with the right audience, right messaging and right context. DCO fundamentally focused on enhancing the ability to deliver and scale tailored ads while optimizing for enhanced performance. Leveraged on the full suite of automated and activation technologies and pairing with realtime weather targeting (open source weather API) to create a seamless experience to the target audiences as well as create product relevancy with their surrounding environment.
• This combined with Full Page Full color ad with the cold sensitive ad sticker in the middle of the ad. In order to get a free bottle of Tiger Crystal, the readers are required to place a cold sensitive diecut Tiger Crystal bottle sticker in the middle of the print ad that doubled as a bottle redemption coupon upon revealing the QR Code in a cold environment ie. Freezer (at freezing temperature °C).

• Weather API feed was integrated into HTML banners to display the temperature outside and during higher temperature, night time and lower temperature customized messaging was shown to encourage users to try tiger Crystal
• Created four dynamic HTML5 templates across six display formats
• Created custom creatives with layer of decisioning to use Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) to show custom messages based on weather changes
• Generic messaging was displayed when the temperature outside fell below 30 degrees, rainy days and during the nighttime. Open Source weather API was used to pull the temperature across Malaysia in real time
• The cold sensitive stickers were placed on newspaper publications with the highest circulation in KlangValley.

• 69% of potential drinkers have converted from awareness to trial, (beating the original client target of 25% conversion), contributed mainly by young drinkers.
• Respondents have picked up “Tiger Crystal is a refreshing drink” as the strongest message delivered by Tiger Crystal ads communication.
• Dynamic campaign messaging resulted in 67% higher CTR compared to Generic banner (0.22% to 0.33%)
• Average CPCs reduced from RM 10 to RM 3 (33% reduction)