Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

Suasana Syawal Sempurna #RayaTetapTaya

Advertiser: Maxis
Brand: Maxis
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Malaysia
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the celebration that marks the end of Ramadhan, is a joyous occasion where families, relatives and friends reunite. It is a time of charity, large gatherings, sharing of meals, and bonding. However, much of this was expected to be muted this year due to COVID19. The year saw Malaysian lives come to an abrupt halt by the hand of a virus, and lifeasusual became almost impossible. Large gatherings were banned, thus ending the annual balik kampung exodus. It was expected to be a subdued celebration, and families were encouraged to find joy even if celebrations are limited to their immediate family. With our brand promise of helping Malaysians to Always Be Ahead, we wanted to remind Malaysians of their strength, inspiring them to celebrate Raya with a full heart despite tough times.

Insight & Strategy
More than just customary or religious rituals, Raya is not Raya without family. It is, after all, a time to celebrate, reunite and feast with one another. While Hari Raya is celebrated by 61.3% of the Malaysian population, the Raya festivities are often enjoyed by all in the country. However, the pandemic had turned everyone’s lives upside down and changed the way Malaysians live, work, and now, celebrate Raya. As a brand, could we remind Malaysians and their loved ones of their resilience, while inspiring them stay positive and strong throughout this special time of the year? As Malaysians faced MCO, they found ways to make social distancing very social, with a little help from technology. Students were attending online classes. Gyms moved their training sessions online. Chillout sessions at mamak stalls were now on Hangouts or Zoom. The optimism and ingenuity of Malaysians have really shone through. Maxis wanted to inspire Malaysians by amplifying these real stories of people finding joy in Raya even in the face of challenges. All to remind Malaysians of their strength that has always helped them pull through adversity with full hearts. Our aim was simple: to convey feelings of gratitude and remind Malaysians to celebrate with a full heart despite adversities.

Step #1: Create intrigue through audio We all have our own take on what makes Raya most meaningful to us. So, to start, we wanted to stir Malaysians’ imagination to picture their version of a perfect Raya. To do this, we launched our firstever 8D audioonly film, where one could hear lifelike sounds of Raya, including the pleasant chattering at open houses, people cooking; even an aunty telling you how nice your baju (outfit) is. The 8D audio uses spatial reverb and mixing to make it seem like the scene is happening and moving all around you. Best experienced with headphones, this immersive experience transports you to a different world by creating the illusion of a 360degree space. When consumers heard the audio for the first time, many pictured conventionally perfect, joyful Raya scenarios. In the face of what seemed like a bleak upcoming Raya due to the pandemic, this ignited a debate on what counts as a perfect, complete Raya. Step #2: Launch full film with a twist A week later, the full film was released, juxtaposing the 8D audio narrative of joyous festivities against images highlighting real stories of Malaysians facing Raya in hardship in the past and present: natural disasters, underprivileged situations, distanced loved ones, and Raya during the MCO. Yet, in the face of hardship, each of these real Malaysians still counted their blessings and saw a perfect Raya celebration even in imperfect times. The same feeling of contentment we’d feel as we imagined a conventionally perfect Raya while listening to the 8D audio track alone. Through this juxtaposed narrative, we gave viewers a fresh perspective on their current situation that sparked a conversation. But all felt a sense of gratitude as they counted their blessings, renewed hope and the inspiration to see beauty even in adversity. Step #3: Get Malaysians to spread positivity In collaboration with our media partners, we also aggregated positive reallife Malaysian stories during the Raya period. New stories were featured on our campaign website every day as a source of daily inspiration and readers were encouraged to share it amongst their friends. The amplification of these stories were a reminder of the tenacity and spirit that is within all of us, even in challenging times. Ultimately, we wanted to inspire Malaysians to be positive, stay strong and celebrate Raya with a full heart because #RayaTetapRaya (Raya will still be Raya).

Objective 1: Generate reach and talkability (KPI: At least 10mil online media reach) Our efforts were not in vain as both our videos reached audiences far and wide to spark the required conversations: 1. IMPRESSIONS AND VIEWS: Over 11.6mil online impressions across YouTube and Facebook, with a collective total of 5.9mil views10
throughout the campaign period. 2. PR MEDIA REACH AND EARNED MEDIA VALUE: Over 16.3mil online media reach, with mainstream media such as The Star, Bernama, Malay Mail, Harian Metro and even China Press carrying our story, garnering earned media value of RM155.6k. Our 8D audioonly film was even ranked 2nd Best Raya 2020 Film by Marketing Magazine readers! Objective 2: Create engagement to further spread positivity around the country (KPI: >35% VTR) In addition, Malaysians resonated well with our messaging: 1. ENGAGEMENT: Even more impressive was that our 8D audioonly film (which had no images) had a VTR of 47%, far exceeding our Maxis benchmark of 35%. This momentum continued with our full film which had a VTR of 40%. 2. SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT: Not only were people watching our films, but we had over 1.7k likes and shares across both videos. Several viewers even noted that the 8D audioonly film made them cry as it reminded them of celebrations of past years. 3. SOCIAL SENTIMENT: We recorded a +15% uplift in positive social sentiment during the campaign period. This was doubly important for us as telcos are generally not wellliked. Ultimately, our brand health measurements also went up! We got the high reach and engagement we hoped for. But more importantly, we managed to strengthen brand perception and preference during the campaign period.