Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

Lazada’s 9.9 Chief Discount Officer Live show – the first offline to online (O2O) TV show in Malaysia!

Advertiser: Lazada Malaysia
Brand: Lazada
Creative Agency: UM
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
Double digit sale shopping festivals like 9.9, 10.10, 11.11 have become a key growth driver for the nation’s ecommerce space, as well as having a direct hand in revolutionising the way people shop. However, Malaysians were seeing fatigue from these festivals from all ecomm players. Furthermore, Lazada was facing aggressive competition from all players especially Shopee. And to top it off, we had just launched LazMall (branded, Lazadaverified stores) and we wanted to drive levers of trust with that platform. In 2019, Shoppertainment was the big format but in 2020, it had become the norm. The challenge was how do we stand out and sharpen our Shoppertainment show for the first festival of the year end, 9.9? Our objective was clear, standout with 9.9′s shoppertainment live show and garner more sales during 9.9 via LazMall stores. Was there a new innovation and consumer insight we could utilise to build that show? Could we change the way consumers shop on our platforms for 9.9?

Insight & Strategy
TV viewership increased 32% during MCO vs pre MCO. Digital consumption increased during MCO as people were confined to their homes. The rise in ecommerce shopping became a new norm habit for all Malaysians and the upcoming mega ecom sale festivals (the first being 9.9) was the start of the battleground between Lazada and Shopee. With TV viewership increasing, we wanted to create a breakthrough experience that merged TV and digital together seamlessly through technology. So what we did was linked TV and digital together we allowed TV audiences to directly interact with the live show ( collect vouchers, add to cart and buy) via the Lazada app. In essence, we drove audiences from offline to online creating a true omnichannel experience to the audience where they can instantly buy items from the live show there and then. The creative concept of the Live Show was “Chief Discount Officer” (CDO Show) because let’s face it, most people look forward to 9.9 for all the discounts and who better to curate these discounts than our “Chief Discount Officer”, Malay TV personality Ain Edruce. She will be Malaysia’s trusted shopping connoisseur, with a keen eye for the best deals in the market as Lazada’s CDO, to guide Malaysians in becoming smart shoppers. Her CDO liveshow will stretch Malaysia’s digital Ringgit to its absolute limits, with exclusive offers on the latest products and goods from Malaysia’s favorite brands and local sellers as well as drive levers of trust with a LazMall (Branded, Lazada verified stores)

We worked together with TV3 to conceptualise the best 9.9 live show like no other and worked together with Lazada’s internal technology team to see how we can intergrate an offline to online experience: Users can like, add to cart, or just buy items advertised during the TV live show via their Lazada App seamlessly. Using TV sync technology, we also gave away prizes worth up to RM100,000 to those who tuned in to the TV3 and used their Lazada App to shop. With TV sync technology embedded into the Lazada App, specific sound markers were intergrated into the live show. As soon as the Lazada App, picked it up, all app users had to do was answer the question to win vouchers! To promote the CDO show, we executed with 360 fully intergrated media plan and strategy to ensure campaign effectiveness and reach out to all Malaysians Phase 1 objective : To drive awareness at mass media + digital TV Promo spots dominant in across high ratings programs across media prima channels Radio 30s commercial ads at high listenership radio channels nationwide Digital Social postings across media prima FB & IG, YT Content write up generated the buzz across Rev Asia portals Phase 2 objective : Digital: CDO shows lived on TV3 fb 2 days before live show generate the exitement then the third day live on TV3 generated further the hype and reach TV: Live CDO show on TV3

Overall CDO live program on TV became No 1 entertaiment show across all TV channels which successfully reach out total 4.03 mil viewers. Live steams on digital have garnered a whopping 580,000 views and over 72,000 engagements in just 3.5 hours on 9.9 CDO did marverlous job in splashing the price and Malaysian Love it! 4000 units of Xiaomi Note 8 were sold by CDO in just 30 mins. Over 100,000 surgical masks were sold in 8 mins during the show. Sales during this 9.9 Live show exceeded 2019′s 9.9 Live show.