Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2021 | |

IC Now Grab The Happiness

Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Walls
Creative Agency: Havas Immerse Malaysia
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
‘The COVID19 outbreak has impacted almost every aspect of people’s lives in Malaysia. With most people needing to stay home more, Malaysians have been adapting to both the outbreak and the regulations. It is also started when Malaysia’s government announced the Movement Control Order (MCO) in midMarch which triggered the panic buy trolls for the necessary products throughout the whole of Malaysia. MCO was then extended into phase 2 in April that resulted in frustration & an increase of stress in Malaysians who have been in #stayathome environment for a long period. But with the environment being so different to preCOVID times, how Walls Icecream as a brand tackled this and maintain our operations through the crisis, and prepare for growth in a new normal.

Insight & Strategy
Demand patterns are changing. As the crisis hits countries around the world, we see upswings in sales of hygiene and inhome food products, combined with some household stocking, and near cessation of out of home consumption which is particularly affecting our foodservice and ice cream business. We are adapting to new demand patterns and are preparing for lasting changes in consumer behavior, in each country, as we move out of the crisis and into recovery. Although the world almost came to a halt during the lockdowns, indulgence did not stop. Instead, it shifted shape as consumers sought reassurance from the familiar and sought out the delicious comfort in their homes. The industry saw a move away from singleserve impulse buys, which were replaced by a striking trend towards multipacks of premium ice creams instead. Generally, ice cream has underutilized ecommerce channels in the Asia Pacific, particularly in emerging markets. Lagging logistics capabilities and geographical factors have made it challenging to penetrate farreaching areas. However, COVID19 has led to urgency even for ice cream to penetrate ecommerce. We saw an opportunity by looking at the situation and decided to bring sweetness and joy into the new normal living by reminding consumers to spend time with loved ones through a sweet treat. We have structured our immediate response in eCommerce for ice cream by amplifying the efforts to convert via eCommerce platform to drive icecream bundle offers.

We take these actions in the knowledge that we enter the crisis with a strong balance of create demand and convert demand position. We are systematically reviewing all possible area in existing plan and reevaluating all costs in the light of the current circumstances, so that we can continue to invest in our Walls brand and reallocate funds towards the best opportunities which through Lazada & Shopee using Facebook CPAS as the main channel driver. Facebook CPAS as a form of push marketing to communicate and encourage consumers to shop at their convenience from home via multiple personalized creatives to capture their attention. Multiple set of creatives with attractive bundle series and tapped into tentpole moments to induce trial and close the purchase via Lazada & Shopee. Additionally, free delivery has been offered as a gesture to make it easier for Malaysians to purchase icecream in just a click! In terms of targeting mechanic, we take the past campaign learning to further identify the best audience segments and taylored the CTA for each audience segments: 1 Broad audience aged 1845yo captured about 15mil 2 LookALike gained at 3.4mil 3 Retargeting or Past engager from the previous campaign.

Campaign successfully overdelivered a significant CTR of +366% with add To Cart Rate achieved at + 206% vs prepandemic period from 2019. Conversion Rate recorded at + 363% with Catalogue Sales uplift + 3,912% compared to Q1 2020. In a nutshell, we managed to close actual Sales at 10x higher than Q1 2020! In the longer term, however, there is potential for ice cream and Walls to take advantage of the global love for ice cream. We anticipates that overall consumption will continue to grow, with more planned purchases and less impulse purchases which led to eCommerce purchase activity.