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Kiehl’s Magical Ingredients for e-commerce

Advertiser: L’Oreal Malaysia
Brand: Kiehl's
Creative Agency: N/A
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
The brief was to grow the Kiehl’s ecommerce site. The skincare market is a cluttered market with multiple brands pushing different magical ingredients to great skin. We were also facing strong competition from ecommerce sites such as Lazada & Shopee that dominated the market and there were many skincare brands on it. This challenge was further compounded by global guidelines which specify “traditional” channels, like Display and Video, as not permitted over concerns about environment and brand safety. As these are arguably the easiest channels to gain incremental reach and subsequent growth, we were going to have to find another way.

Insight & Strategy
Luxury skincare has a highly involved purchase journey, with most customers actively researching solutions to their needs. As such, we identified Search & Content as 2 key channels. They both allowed us to convey technical information in detail to an actively interested audience without breaking the global guidelines. Although deal based messaging on Search has been effective at driving sales in the past, we wanted to go beyond as it wasn’t sustainable in the long run. We wanted to grab the audience’s attention by looking at their skincare queries to alleviate their concerns before then seeding our brand and product in their minds for consideration and eventual conversion. We started by analyzing their search behaviour:
1. You had those who actively search for the brand/product
2. You had another group searching for symptoms rather than the product For those who were searching for our brand/product are already inmarket, so we targeted them with value based messaging hoping to move them from consideration to conversion. As for those who were looking at it symptomatically, they would be the harder group to convince but ultimately, they represent the growth for Kiehl’s as new acquisition.
To convince them, our strategy wasn’t to sell them our product immediately. Instead, we had to soothe their concerns and made sure that we covered every possible query they may have. This was further supported by the extensive library of content on Kiehl’s website. Furthermore, when looking at Google Analytics, we discovered that their average session time on these contents were over 3 minutes, more than 5 pages per session and a bounce rate of 40%. Clearly, they were actively browsing these contents so there must be value in what they were seeing. To ensure that we could alleviate their concerns and moved them along the funnel to consideration, we built pools of keywords to target users based on the specific topic they were looking for a solution in but we didn’t just do this in English; we also included Bahasa Malaysia keywords so as to not neglect our Malay speaking consumers. This ensured that, in a country with high cultural diversity, we were able to talk to users in the language they preferred to use. It also had a secondary effect of opening up more inventory and helping us to reduce costs as many of these keywords saw reduced competition.
Topics targeted included:
• Antiaging
• Skincare
• Acne
• Skin moisturizer
• Pimple solutions
• Specific to Skin type (e.g. dry or oily skin)

We classified the audience into 2 groups: •Inmarket & brand searches – continued to serve value based messaging. •Query based searches e.g. How to reduce fine lines? – for this group, we built pools of keywords to target users based on the specific topic they were looking for a solution like Antiaging, Acne, Pimple solutions. Then customized creatives (based on the solution) were served. We included keywords in English and BM. We utilized these audiences in 3 key ways: Retargeted them through a custom bid strategy that increased our bid on any user within these audiences. Extended our keywords list through Dynamic Search ads, thus increasing the opportunity to reach them at key times in the consumer journey. Optimize creative to ensure previous non converters were given an additional incentive to convert (e.g. discounts, free shipping or free samples)

Over the period the results were unprecedented. Answering our users’ questions as effectively as possible drove relevancy and increased our average google Quality Score by 10%. This meant we were consistently winning within the Search Auction and delivered an impressive average AdRank of 1.2. This subsequently drove performance with an impressive 10% CTR, a 100% improvement versus our benchmark of 4.5%. Overall traffic to the Kiehl’s page also increased by more than 35% over the campaign, maximizing our presence online. Our data driven retargeting and optimizations improved our conversion rate by over 100%. This delivered a 50% increase in sales and over 80% in revenue, achieving our objective, and showing that an integrated content and search approach is the magical ingredient for great ecommerce.