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2022 | |

Pau-Pau takes emojis to the next level with Malaysia’s first-ever Twitter Emoji Triggers

Advertiser: Delivery Hero Malaysia
Brand: foodpanda
Creative Agency: Ensemble Worldwide
Credits: UM: Chai Yen Yen (Vice President), Lum Sin Yeh (Business Director), Stephanie Kok (Media Manager), Mak Ai Sin (Senior Media Planner), Ang Jia Ying (Media Planner), Cindy Eliza (Head of Digital), Carol Chia (Digital Manager), See Hooi Marn (Performance Marketing Executive), Tracy Mok (Implementation Manager), Tan Lay Kee (Senior Implementer) foodpanda: Bernard Chong (Marketing Director), Caroline Wee (Head of Marketing, Food), Dzeti Mohamed (Media Activation Senior Manager), Aida Hanim (Media Activation Associate) Ensemble Worldwide: Rena Tay (Business Director), How Seok Sim (Business Manager), Nicolle Fong (Senior Brand Executive)

Objective & Challenge
During the lockdown, government initiatives and movement restrictions propelled food delivery services into the limelight, allowing Malaysians to order from their favourite businesses with a single tap of their smartphone. Within a short time, the industry has grown rapidly. New entrants like ShopeeFood and AirAsiaFood compete in an intense market with more than a dozen existing players, including GrabFood, Beep and foodpanda. In a category where players are undifferentiated with deals and discounts being the top drivers for consumers, foodpanda needed to drive differentiation by building brand love and creating awareness for our functional superiority in order to whiz past competitors and increase orders.

Insight & Strategy
The pandemic had disrupted almost every aspect of our lives. Grappling with lockdowns and Covid-19, Malaysians were forced to give up some of their most ingrained habits, like dining out and shopping. As we were stuck at home, making and receiving delivery orders, became a connection with the outside world. And we looked forward to these deliveries. However, this is a very functional process. The delivery business in Malaysia, lacked personality. Hence, we needed to humanize foodpanda’s brand identity. The solution – a first-of-its-kind brand avatar that evoked happiness. Meet Pau-Pau, foodpanda’s fun-loving ambassador who speaks Pandanese. He loves food and is always on the search for a good deal. He is the food and delivery expert you can rely on. If you are craving for food, Pau-Pau knows the best places in town to order from. If you are looking for deals, Pau-Pau will recommend the best deals with pandapro (foodpanda’s subscription programme that gives you access to exclusive deals). If you are planning the perfect birthday surprise, Pau-Pau can get you everything delivered conveniently through pandashop. Pau-Pau is indeed our joy and happiness ambassador, delivering joy and happiness right to your doorstep. Our goal was to make Malaysians fall in love with Pau-Pau and the foodpanda experience by unleashing Pau-Pau and bringing alive his fun rebel personality in an engaging and innovative manner.

Youth conversations on social media largely consist of ‘visual expressions’ such as GIFs and emojis – a study conducted by Swiftkey Keyboard developers reported that Malaysians sends out more emojis than Americans or Europeans! Emojis are the universal language for Malaysian youth. So for Pau-Pau’s launch, to ensure Malaysians familiarised with Pau-Pau, we encouraged youth to interact with Pau-Pau like how they would with their friends. Partnering Twitter, we created Malaysia’s first ever, Emoji Triggers where Twitter users tagged us @foodpanda_MY and tweeted #PauPauBelanja (#PauPauTreats) with emojis of food, groceries and personal care products. In response, Pau-Pau recommended the best food and deals, corresponding to the emoji used! 1)Like when @HarizzFD had no clue what to eat, he tweeted Pau-Pau an emoji of a ‘Thinking Face’. Pau-Pau’s response was a reassuring message ‘No idea what to eat? Don’t worry, let Pau-Pau settle this for you’, with a list of food options available on foodpanda to select from. 2)When @saraaa_0109 was feeling down, she let Pau-Pau know with an emoji of ‘Upside-Down Face’. Pau-Pau, our happiness delivery ambassador, brightened up her day with the message ‘Pau-Pau knows what can cheer you up today, dessert and sweets always works for me!’, with a list of dessert and grocery options to order from. 3)When @me_eikay ran out of personal care products, she tweeted Pau-Pau with an emoji of a ‘Soap’. Pau Pau reminded her that she could get what she needed, and more, delivered straight to her doorstep with foodpanda, easy peasy! Complementary Twitter postings had Pau-Pau educating audiences on the simple steps to activate our Emoji Trigger. Twitter was flooded with netizens joining in the fun, tweeting out different emojis to check out Pau-Pau’s cheeky but helpful advice. As a result, #PauPauBelanja became a trending topic. Our partnership with Twitter didn’t just end there! We created a bespoke emoji for Pau-Pau on Twitter and it’s the cutest! To activate this adorable emoji and share with their friends, Twitter users only need to unlock the feature by tweeting any of our customized hashtags: #PauPauBelanja for delivery #TapauWithPauPau (#OrderWithPauPau) for pickups #PauPauWinLiao (#PauPauforTheWin) for pandamart #ProLikePauPau for our pandapro subscription programme #ShopWithPauPau for pandashop Twitter postings enticed users to ‘Cuba Try’ tweet the hashtags to reveal the cool surprise. This enabled us to showcase foodpanda’s variety of offerings, ranging from delivery or pick up, food, teatime and groceries in a fun manner. To drive conversation, we also engaged the Twitter audience with specially curated polls with Twitter’s Conversation Button. With our partners Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Tealive and Watsons, we got audiences to vote and share with us their preferred choices: 1.Pizza with pineapple or not 2.Carrot Cake or Carrot Juice 3.Pearl Milk Tea Boba or Superior Coconut Boba The results helped us understand our audience better to select popular products to feature in promotions with key partners. Video ads featuring Pau-Pau complemented our innovative launch activation on Twitter to sustain campaign longevity. Four versions of Pau-Pau ads were served contextually, each communicated foodpanda’s USP of being the delivery expert, whether food, grocery or daily essential. Audiences were targeted with the version most relevant to them, and subsequently retargeted with other versions showcase foodpanda variety of ‘food and more, delivered’.

Twitter was flooded with netizens joining in the interaction with Pau-Pau. Our innovative partnership was even picked up organically by lifestyle platforms SirapLimau and OhBulan! The icing on the cake? Positive feedback from netizens: @engkusulwani “Haha so cute, I like this” @_nana_anne “Hi Pau-Pau, always ‘Pau’ my money” (colloquail for finish off) @mohammedfarihin “Your new mascot is so cute” foodpanda’s Pau-Pau launch on Twitter delivered positive growth across foodpanda Business and Brand Health metrics (comparing against previous quarter): 1)+13% in Sales Lift 2)+8% on Total Sessions 3)+3% on Top of Mind 4)+2% on Market Share For campaign media metrics, we delivered: 1)+26% lift on organic foodpanda searches compared to previous quarter 2)16.81mil impressions on Twitter 3)6.35mil video views 4)105K clicks to foodpanda website 5)172K interactions And that’s how foodpanda delivered joy to Malaysians!