Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2022 | |

Uncaging Malaysia’s First Metaverse

Advertiser: Heineken Malaysia
Brand: Tiger Beer
Creative Agency: Naga DDB Tribal, Chariot
Credits: Hemanth Jayaraman - dentsu X Malaysia, Partner, Head of dentsu X Sean Loh - dentsu X Malaysia, Business Director Joanne Wong - dentsu X Malaysia, Planning Director Cassandra Chan - dentsu X Malaysia, Planning Manager Jordan Quek - dentsu X Malaysia, Planning Manager Natalie Teng - dentsu X Malaysia, Senior Planner Jaclyn Hwang - dentsu Malaysia, Senior Executive, Biddable Sylvia Hew - dentsu Malaysia, Manager, Implementation Rachel Lim - dentsu Malaysia, Senior Executive, Trading Operation

Objective & Challenge
Challenges: Food, which is a highly saturated passion point in Malaysia, is increasingly becoming the main focus of every brand from all categories. It is a passion point that is difficult to own. Despite this, Tiger successfully established its position as the only brand that has the right to advocate and champion Asian street food given its Asian heritage and roots when it launched Tiger Street Food Festival in 2016 and created a strong association between the brand and street food in Malaysia. In 2020, this took a different form due to the pandemic and was mainly activated through digital and the success of the 1st ever interactive Virtual Street Food Festival has now set a new benchmark and a new challenge – how do we reimagine the festive by bringing in ore unique and exciting experience and how do we make it bigger and bolder compared to the previous year using the existing platform. And most importantly, how to we continue to strengthen the association between Tiger Beer and Street Food moving forward. Objective: Continue to strengthen and establish brand equity by creating stronger bond with our target audience through passion for food and leverage on street culture and drive penetration for the brand by recruiting new consumers from the alcohol category with the communication and creatives centered around street cultures and Malaysia street food.

Insight & Strategy
Insight: The pandemic in 2020 forced the country to shut down. Lives came to a halt. Malaysians were lost. Bonds were strained. Brands struggled to connect with consumers and there was no sight of the end. This was when Tiger, Asia’s beast, rose to the challenge and was determined to not take this quietly. Tiger is the only brand that has the right to uncage possibilities in Malaysia given its Asian roots and rose from the flames of the pandemic and gave Malaysian’s hope. The main objective the brand set its sight on, to connect Malaysians at every possible moment. The one single unifying factor that brings Malaysian’s together – FOOD! An insight was formed – inspiring Malaysians to discover the special in the ordinary and Tiger Virtual Street Food was launched to uncage street food delicacies by connecting consumers to trade partners virtually driving sales for outlets while keeping consumers engaged and entertained. In 2021, Tiger took this to the next level and looked at what connects the target audience beyond just street food. The answer was, “street culture”. The insight – bringing the best of Asia together through food and fashion by tapping into latest trend in street culture. Strategy: A pairing experience to seize Hype Culture + Food = Hype Eats. Tiger took lead, as the only Asian beer brand in the category, to engage and indulge consumers by connecting their No.1 passion point which is street food and streetwear by delivering a 100% Malaysian street culture 360 experience by unleashing the creativity of Asian cuisine and staying true to the brand role of inspiring people to discover the special in the everyday ordinary.

The new season of Street Food Virtual Festival is all about the X as Tiger brings fans an epic collision between street food and an integral part of street culture streetwear. The local streetwear scene has always been a way for people to express themselves and is influenced by the many ways of life here, just like the street food flavours. The mash up aims to bring the two cultures together to create an extraordinary experience for fans, while breaking the boundaries of street food. This is why Tiger has partnered with renowned local streetwear brands to curate two limited edition streetwear apparels each from EK Collective, TNT Co, The Swagger Salon, Eversince, Pestle & Mortar, and Dissyco. One of the two streetwear merchandise will be included in the Hypefeast Drop, which comes with the street food dish that inspired the exclusive apparel, as well as a Tiger Beer and a Tiger Crystal. Limited quantity is available on a first come first served basis for fans residing in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru and Ipoh, the Hype Store within the virtual world will showcase one brand each week for fans to make their purchases. The other limited edition merchandise will be available for anyone at the virtual festival to purchase at the Hype Store. Introduced the Hypefeast Drop with a total of 6 fashion brand Swagger, Eversince, EK collection, PMC, DissyCo, TntCO and Photoshoot. Each of the brands came out with special / limited collection design surounded by the theme Street Food. We used KOL to shout out on the special collab with the local brand: the Hypefeast Drop. Worked with the food and fashion branded content specialist, KL foodie, Juice, Buro and etc. curate series of Hype contents.

The campaign came through loud and clear, capturing the imaginations of drinkers and nondrinkers alike: Tiger Virtual Street Food Festival 2021 sales increased by 53.3% compared to last year’s TVSFF.