Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2022 | |

Pepsi: Malaysia’s 1st AR Concert

Advertiser: Pepsi
Brand: Pepsi
Creative Agency: Entropia
Credits: Vikram Annathakrishnan - Mindshare Group, Senior Manager Janine Diaz - Mindshare Group, Associate Director Raymond Ong - Mindshare Group, Executive

Objective & Challenge
Pepsi Malaysia had a history of taking bold decisions leading to strong business results. Being a challenger in the cola market, Pepsi took the bold move in 2018 to put 100% of their A&M (Advertising & Marketing budgets) behind Pepsi-Black which led Pepsi to become the non-Sugar market leader within just 2 years. Pepsi-Black was built on consumer entertainment – music activations and experiences. However, the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown had stopped everyone in their tracks. NO GOING OUT! NO PARTYING! NO CONCERTS! This was a big problem for Pepsi, with a new Rasberry Flavour product launch in the market.

Insight & Strategy
The brand catered to the digitally savvy GenZ audiences, for whom music streaming had become one of the top activities while being hooked on to their smartphones. We needed to engage and drive trials among our GenZ consumers, who have been missing the concert experience since lockdown. Our approach was to drive this, by tapping into one of their biggest interests i.e. music and bring one such musical experience to a place where they were ever-present – their smartphones. With persistent lockdowns and social distancing guidelines – it was impossible to do face to face activations and one-on-one product sampling. Thinking “out-of-the-bottle”, we created excitement and drove trials by introducing MALAYSIA’S FIRST AR CONCERT on a bottle. In a MARKET FIRST – we converted the new Pepsi Black Raspberry bottle into a concert stage using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. We delivered a never-seen-before experience to Malaysia’s Gen-Z consumers at home, linked with product purchase, to ensure strong product trials, while fulfilling a key consumer need.

Pepsi brought the concert home to Gen Z consumers, utilizing AR (Augmented Reality) technology. We promoted the teaser videos via Facebook and drove engagement via YouTube, Facebook and online publishers to generate buzz and drive trials. While Facebook ensured that we reached out to relevant audiences, articles on popular publishers like ‘Says’, ‘Oh Bulan’ and ‘viralcham’ gave a sneak-peak of the local talents that would be featured in the video. Our media placements ensured that the buzz was kept alive creating a ripple effect. Music fans and lovers of Pepsi Black Raspberry flavour could experience Malaysia’s first AR Concert – anywhere, anytime, beginning 16 April 2021 for a month, just by following the following steps: 1. Get a bottle of Pepsi Black Raspberry 2. Log on to 3. Scan the Pepsi logo on the bottle 4. Enjoy the concert, which plays right on the bottle! The concert featured Malaysia’s renowned celebrity, Siti Nordiana, along with Malaysia’s upcoming local talents such as Syafeek (Singer), Bell (Dancer) and Aidil (Freestyle Footballer). As part of the concert, an exclusive Pepsi inspired song was also released, ensuring a big-bang launch of this never-done-before campaign! Every media touchpoint acted in sync and made certain that our audiences were enticed to participate in this unique experience. While ‘Mashable’ called it a surreal experience, ‘Rojak Daily’ termed it as a “must-do-activity for people to do during the conditional movement control order (CMCO)” and “The City List” termed it as “an event that broke new boundaries”. Earned media like these, along with several influencers, kept the magic alive throughout the campaign period and helped in driving urgency for Gen-Zs to witness the event before the content was pulled out. With just a scan using their smartphones, every bottle became an AR stage giving GenZs a once in a lifetime experience, they would never forget.

We received a tremendous response for launching the first ever AR concert in Malaysia! – We featured in the Malaysia Book of Records with a Certified Achievement of conducting ‘Malaysia’s First Augmented Reality Concert” – Generated a total of 38 million campaign Impressions – Earned media generated was close to $500,000 – Over 450,000 views of the concert on the bottle – +2% value share growth for Pepsi Black – +8% value share growth for Pepsi Black Raspberry – The Raspberry mix increased by +14% within total Pepsi Black volumes